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A Future In Enviromental Science Essay

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The burning of fossil fuel is destroying ecosystems worldwide. Particularly in developed countries, media is constantly publicizing the newest knowledge of humanities’ destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems. With the push from the United States government to find alternative and renewable energy sources, careers in the environmental science field are in high demand. This pursuit for a more sustainable resource is being urged more rapidly because of a sky-rocketing global population and the diminishment of fossil fuel reserves. The occupation of an environmental scientist is a highly rewarding career dedicated to researching and identifying ways to preserve the earth’s environment and the resources it provides.
Throughout the process of investigating a future career in environmental science, an empathetic feeling is felt for the way the global biosphere is being exploited. As more and more human beings inhabit the earth, the biodiversity of plant and animal species is continuing to decrease. The available natural resources that humans utilize as necessities for basic life are also growing slim as the population increases. Environmental scientists, analyze air, soils, water, food and other materials to possibly find solution strategies to these issues (United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics sec. 2). The knowledge and education gained in this career choice is essential in the sustainment of all species’ lives and resources provided by the planet.
By obtaining at least a bachelors degree in environmental science or another natural science area, students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to enter the work force. The course work in these four year programs is focused on biology, chemistry, physics, and geology (United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics sec 4). A career in this field studies possible methods in dealing with the long-term issues of human and all other species’ existences. Because of the current environmental and renewable energy crisis, there is a tremendous push for research in conservation of the planet by state and national governments.
While employed, field and laboratory workers will coincide to find solutions by using previous exploration to aid in further research. This is why a variety of adequate researching techniques are vital to become a...

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