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The Design Of The Ne Xt Logo

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Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, the head of Apple’s SuperMicro division (a combination of The Macintosh and Lisa divisions), focused on Personal computers. Macintosh computers at that time were being used at University campuses with a high success rate. This was partly to do with the Apple University Consortium. This was the mission statement given by Apple: “To enhance and increase computing technology on campus, provide low-cost computing to the University community and, in conjunction with Apple, further develop Apple products and share experiences amongst other tertiary education institutions." (University of Wollongong, 2008)

Still being a hands on part of Apple at this point in time, Steve Jobs was the person chosen to preside over meetings that would take place at universities. This would give Jobs the chance to talk and sell to members of certain departments within the University. This was also the best place to gain invaluable feedback on the products that he was selling.

Jobs’ attended a meeting at Silicon Valley, San Francisco. This is where he met Paul Berg (Shannon, 2006). Paul Berg, an established Chemist, discussed with Job the problem of teaching both higher level and lower level courses using the same methodologies. This was because learners who were studying lower level courses had to make do with textbooks, whereas the higher-level learners were using practical and expensive methods that were deemed too complicated for computer simulation. Berg went on to advise that Apple should upgrade their computers to a higher specification of random access memory (RAM), higher screen resolution and make advancements to the over all performance. This got Jobs thinking but because of the problems that Apple was experiencing at the time, the SuperMicro division failed to release any improved Macintosh computers. This resulted in Jobs being side lined at Apple and although he appealed against it, he did not regain his position at the company.

As time went by and still being side lined at Apple, Jobs had had enough and resigned in 1985. Jobs left the company - taking members of his SuperMicro division with him. Jobs was going to start his new company but it was not going to compete with Apple. It was going to work with them bringing the two companies together. Of course the company that would hopefully be in partnership with Apple was NeXT.

Now that Steve Jobs had NeXT in the pipeline, one of the most important things for NeXT was it's identity. Jobs was specific in what logo he wanted for his company; these specific requirements were a combination of type and symbol. This was because Jobs thought that it would take a number of years and millions of dollars in advertising and things alike before people would start to associate the name of the company with its buddying symbol.

The next natural step was to find some one to come up with the logo, which included these specific requirements. Jobs went to a well know designer called Paul Rand. ...

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