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The Nfl Is Killing Their Employees

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The NFL is a multi-billion dollar company that has neglected to compensate its past and current employees that have acquired long-term brain damage while performing their jobs. Their incompetence has caused severe brain damage and even death to former employees because of their irresponsible ways over the past forty years. The science and study of this problem has produced a great amount of information that both sides could benefit from but the NFL needs to take action and responsibility.
The NFL has produced a product that has caused long-term brain damage and needs to be liable for the compensation due to its victims. In a recent article titled “A Brain Gone Bad” finding by Dr. Bennet Omalu and Dr. Robert Cantu, case studies of the effect of concussions in ex-NFL players’ brains “presented clinical symptoms of sharply deteriorated cognitive function and psychiatric symptoms such as paranoia, panic attacks, and major depression.” These case studies took place from 2005-2007 and found that NFL concussions were the underlying cause of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) which can cause dementia and Parkinsonism but the NFL committee tried to sweep this information “under the rug” by writing a letter to the head editor of the article asking for the letter to be retracted. This kind of reaction gives the impression of guilt on the part of the NFL and its committee. Hundreds of players, past and present, have major long-lasting brain trauma that has caused their lives and their families to be negatively impacted. The NFL has shown negligence but has not stepped up in compensation to the players and their families even with the findings in these studies that prove their fault.
The amount of attention this epidemic has received in the media and medical field is damaging to the defense of the NFL because of the statistics that medical studies have revealed in the area of TBI (traumatic brain injury). In a review article called “Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sports,” national statistic of TBI are “1.7 million documented TBIs annually, with estimates closer to around 3.8 million 173,285 of which are sports- and recreation-related TBIs among children and adolescents” (Sahler & Greenwald, 2012). Quantify the magnitude of the effect of head trauma that takes place in the sports population in the United States is important to establish the importance of this issue. The impact as well as the recovery of TBI should be the focus of the NFL policy going forward. The pressures’ that national media has put on the NFL in pursuit of justice on behalf of the suffering current and former players has pushed the NFL to take precautionary steps in prevention and recovery but has yet to accept liability and compensation.
The NFL continues’ to try and protect itself from the overwhelming evidence that their sport has on the players health with futile attempts in the emergence of high tech helmets that are supposed to protect against concussions. In an...

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