The Good The Bad The Romantic

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I still remember when I was 11 years old; I saw the movie Blank Check. In the movie, Preston makes a million dollars by filling in a million dollars on a blank check and then cashing it at the bank. After watching the movie, I told my mom that I wanted to make a million dollars by winner it under the cap of a Coke bottle. She replied "Stop dreaming about getting a million dollars but try earning it." In the same respect, my mom's attitude toward me dreaming of a million dollars is similar to Mark Twain's attitude of romanticism "“ If it can't happen, let's not think about it. Mark Twain suggests throughout Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that life is not a romantic adventure, however a difficult and painstaking journey, and dreaming of ideal scenarios is foolish and purposeless but despite this, Twain still utilizes a few romantic elements in the novel. Twain possesses an utter dislike of romanticism and therefore chooses to be satirical of it through many examples in the book. The blatant message that "romanticism is stupid" will be depicted. Beginning with Walter Scott, Twain satirizes romanticism by sinking the Walter Scott. One would not understand the satirizing if the background of Walter Scott was not known. Walter Scott was amongst the most famous romantic authors at the time, which then has Twain name a ship after him. However despite the "honor" of naming a ship after the England renowned author, Twain sinks the ship suggesting that Walter Scott should cease to exist or drown. In this day, it would be like John Grisham naming a character Stephen King in a book and then having him shot. Furthermore, Twain satirizes romanticism with the Grangerford residence. The Grangerfords serve as a wealthy family. The wealth is to the extent that everyone in the family has a slave to themselves. "Each person had their own nigger to wait on them." (107) Throughout many romantic novels, the wealthy family will serve as a family that is usually logical, rationale and sivilized for the most part. However, the Grangerfords are not in the least logical in their pursuit of the family feud with the Shepherdsons. In fact, they don't even know why it began and yet are still are determined to "win." "“ "What was the trouble, Buck? "“ Land? I reckon maybe- I don't know. Well, who done the shooting? -was it a Grangerford or a Shepherdson? Laws, how do I know? It was so long ago." Next, Twain expresses his dislike of romanticism through Jim's "realistic" hardships. In a romantic novel, Jim would most likely get away without any hardships at all to complement the definition that is "“ fictitious or unrealistic. (Webster '98) This element is further illustrated by the examples where Jim seems to be juggled around by many different owners because the owners are either oblivious of how to get Jim back (Miss Watson) or they would just like to make a buck. (Dauphin) Nonetheless, Jim is literally made...

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