The Night Alan Left The World

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“What’s going on? Do you have any news?” I asked desperately. It was dark in the night; the moon was not shining tonight and a cloud of hopelessness surrounded everyone who had gathered at the Hospital’s entrance. “What happened?” Everyone was now crying – desperate, incredulous… devastated. “What? He died? NO! It can’t be true… but he was just fine… it was only his leg…!” It could not be possible.
“Beep-beep-beep” the alarm clock rang. I woke up frantically, begging to God for it to be JUST a dream, but it wasn’t – he was actually gone. On January 14, 2008, Alan James Cross Lopez left this world to meet God, leaving everyone who knew him with a hollowed heart.
I was at my parent’s room watching TV, approximately at eight o’clock at night. My sister came into the room looking for my mom, but there was something odd about her gaze, she was preoccupied. “Li, what’s going on?” I asked. “Alan had an accident; he’s at the hospital right now. I’m going over there with a friend; you can come if you want,” she answered. Thinking it was nothing serious, I refused to go, for I was too comfortable in my parent’s bed watching TV. I had known Alan for a year or more now, and he was the nicest man I have ever met. Thinking it thoroughly, I decided to go; he would have done the same thing in my position.
The hospital was very far away, and sometime throughout the drive I regretted going, thinking I had come such a long way for just a broken wrist, or that maybe I would be the youngest person and that would have been very awkward. The night was very dark and cold. The street lights lightened the way, while cars rushed through “La Suburbana.” When we finally got to the hospital, I realized I was not the youngest one nor the only one going to the hospital; more than fifty students and parents were gathered at the entrance. By the side of my sister, I walked through the crowd to find some friends I could talk to. “What happened?” I asked. “Is he ok?” Seeing so many people gathered could not mean just a broken wrist, it had to be something more serious. Some of Alan’s classmates assembled a group to pray the Holy Rosary, while adults discussed the different versions they had about the accident. “He was rushing back home in his brand new motorcycle from Mario’s house, his best friend. He did not see the car until it was too late,” a man said. “He wasn’t wearing his helmet, or so I’ve heard. The doctors say he has a broken leg, some broken ribs, and his arm was crushed,” a lady replied. “Do you know anything about his head?” an older man asked the lady. “No, nothing yet.”
And so the hours passed, and it was...

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