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The Night Of Horror Essay

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In the middle of the night Fiona ran outside in fright from her creepy mansion. She thought she had seen a headless ghost following her and whispering her name in a freaky voice through the corridors of her mansion. Fiona ran outside because her garden was surrounded by spot lights which made her feel safer. Suddenly the spot lights popped one after another. This made Fiona feel like the ghost was creeping behind her. She returned home with her heart beating extremely fast. As soon as Fiona came home she raced to her two elder sister’s room and crept into bed with one of them to sleep. She could not go to her own room because she was too frightened.
Many stories were told about the haunted mansion. Some people believed that there was a forbidden room in this mansion. This was haunted by the ghost of a person who had owned this mansion 50 years ago. Some said that there was hidden gold in the room. Fiona paid no attention to these rumours. Fiona visited the forbidden room often but lately she had experienced supernatural events. Even though it was haunted she still liked her mansion. The reason was that whenever she visited this room she would find different types of gold jewellery.
The following morning of the incident everyone was called for breakfast by Fiona’s mum. Down the wide, posh, and reddish stairs came, Alina, Sophia, Fiona and father. When Fiona sat down for breakfast and related to her family about her last night experience. Of course no one believed her story. This made her furious and angry. Without having breakfast she stood up from the dining table. Running out of the room she slammed the door which made the whole mansion echo.
It was a really frustrating day for Fiona; she could not get over what had happened to her last night. Sitting on her bed she was thinking about what she was going to do this night, whether she should visit the forbidden room or not. Fiona spent the whole day grounded in her bedroom. Her family would often ignore her when she would have such tantrums.
That very night the church clocks struck 9.00. Half an hour later everyone was fast asleep but Fiona could not go to sleep again this very night. She was still wondering about the ghost she had seen last night. She could not stop thinking of it. Whenever she tried to close her eyes, strange and scary sounds would echo in her ears. Suddenly there was a loud voice of shattering glass. Fiona jumped out of her bed in fright with her heart beating so fast that it felt like it was going to jump out. She was convinced that something unusual was going to happen to her.
Fiona rushed to the forbidden room. She opened the door and tried to enter the room. All of a sudden something pushed her back. After a great struggle she pushed herself inside the room. The door slammed behind her and she was locked in the room. She was freaked out and felt like she had frozen. The appearance of the room changed. The beautiful chandeliers and the glass decoration pieces had...

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