The Night Walk Essay

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It was getting late; the party began to exhaust. The music was turned down until a peaceful silence filled the rooms and halls. Conversations between friends reached their ends. Guests began preparing to head home, checking pockets for possessions, collecting coats, saying goodbye to one another.
The barricade of hugs and handshakes stopped her from reaching the door. However, when guests reminded each other of the time, they huddled by the door as the night reached its closure. People slowly started to leave, exchanging goodbyes with the host as they left.
When few people remained, she noticed that other guests had either brought cars of their own, or arranged lifts home. Staring into ...view middle of the document...

The traumatic experience of being left to awake in a dark room, unable to find the light switch for some time, had scarred her. Psychologically, the blackness seemed to corrupt her conception of time, and as each second became longer she felt blind, vulnerable. Luckily the streetlights surrounding her were partially shining, so she continued walking easily down the street. Despite this, she looked around cautiously every few moments to scan her surroundings; fearing any unwanted encounters. She wore a dress that somewhat restricted her leg movement; encouraging the use of small steps. Matching this were high heels, clicking with every step she took and loud enough to let any stranger know they were not alone. Holding her handbag securely, she made her way through the area.
The streetlights shone dull, yet the light could still be seen reflecting off of rain droplets on the cold smooth blacktop. Fat beads of rain remained resting on car windscreens. The night sky was a dark one however; the full moon that it cradled was glowing bright, revealing the small grey clouds that drift around it. A gentle wind patrolled the streets and the night was silent, not a sound could be heard, besides the clicking of her shoes.
‘Click, clack, click, clack...’
She paced through this street and onto the next. The lights were dim and flickering, which frightened her slightly. It had begun raining heavily and her view of the street ahead was distorted. Eventually drenched in rain, she ventured towards what she could not see. As the droplets trickled down her face the make-up she applied earlier had begun to smudge, and her wavy hair had collapsed onto her damp cheeks. Despite calming down after a while, the rain had left her tainted. Whilst wiping the rain-spoilt eyeliner off of her cheeks, she spotted a shadow as it skipped swiftly across the road. She froze, fixing her eyes on the spot where the shadow vanished. She waited. Nothing happened.
Then, she was alarmed further by the sound of a trash canister falling to the ground some distance behind her. Startled, she swung herself around towards the direction of the noise, and stared into the darkness. Nothing could be seen. She felt the fear spreading through her like a virus. Suddenly, the sound of a raucous, mumbling voice could be heard from the end of the street she was originally heading towards. She paced towards the nearest car in panic and crouched behind it to hide. Waiting and listening attentively, she heard footsteps approaching. While manoeuvring along the car doors, steadily she raised and peeked through the car windows to notice that a single distinct figure had made its way up the street. From what she could make out, it was...

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