The Nikon D60 Exploring Features Of A Great Camera

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As I am a user of many of the popular social networking sites and am on them almost every day, I see that camera’s and photography are a very important part of everyone’s lives. I can go to almost anyone’s profile and see that they have a picture of themselves and usually at least another hundred pictures for their friends to look at so that they can see what is going on in their lives. Whenever I go to a professional sports game or am even just walking down the street, it is hard to go somewhere where nobody has a camera with them ready to capture a moment to share with others. And now that basically everyone has a cell phone and most of those phones have a built in camera, nobody has an excuse to not be taking pictures everywhere they go. But some people want more than just a little cell phone camera to capture their lives, so they need something that can work quickly and provide great quality.
There are now many cameras on the market that one can purchase and use daily for many years. These cameras range from disposable one-time use cameras all the way up to professional Digital Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR) cameras. What is most practical for many people is just a small point and shoot camera that can easily be put in their pocket or purse. These cameras are also most effective because the price is very reasonable and they are digital so taking pictures of everything is not a waste of film and the user can go back later and delete the pictures that they do not want to keep.
Although point and shoot cameras provide great pictures and can go almost anywhere, they still lack in many areas and are not very good cameras if you want to be able to change some manual settings and create large portraits. This is where the beginner D-SLR comes into play. As I said before, D-SLR’s can range in price all the way up to the most expensive cameras being thousands of dollars for just the body of the camera. But there are also some great beginner D-SLR’s that take great pictures and allow the user many custom settings and great zoom for far away subjects.
Nikon Inc. has been around for a long time creating optics and cameras. As a photographer myself, I know that I can trust Nikon to create great picture quality and their equipment is very reliable. When I was looking for my first camera, Nikon was in the process of discontinuing one of their cameras and coming out with a new, better, quicker one. This camera that they came out with was the D60. The D60 has many great features including a 10.2 megapixel sensor as well as quick shutter speed and most importantly a great price.
The Nikon D60 is the perfect camera for any beginner photographer who is not sure if they really want to get into photography or not. It could also be considered as a great camera for those occasional family portraits and vacations where the quality of pictures matters. With this camera, the consumer gets both an affordable camera (starting around $650) as well as high quality that...

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