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The No Good Help Essay

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Over many years women have been stereotyped to being easy and soft going when it comes to advice on health issues. A majority of women are faced daily with dangerous and life threatening decisions on making things better for them. Every woman has a true beauty. As women age, their body begins to age also. Women tend to seek medical advice that may cause no good and even more damage than what was expected. People would agree that surgery is supposed to be a helping factor in the life of the person seeking help; however, it is not always the case. We all know that many surgeries are lifesaving and one of God's gifts to humanity. There are many times when these surgeries are misused or over-used. In many situations women are lured and bullied into procedures that they absolutely do not need. These procedures may cause some harm to them along their journey in life as these women will suffer depression, anxiety, and increased susceptibility to stress.
As depression sets in on a women based on a decision that she made about changing her life causes more pain and destruction than ever before. The thought that a mishap or problem has occurred, during a procedure that was somewhat pounded in her head as something great, makes all advice seem terrible. Women are pressured into having many out-patient procedures to fix minor problems based on test and the fear of what could happen. The process of doctor visits, research, or solutions may pin point doctors to settle for treatment time but they suggest surgery which is a more harmful effect Signs of depression is shown even before the procedure is conducted. Depression is damaging to anyone and is only the beginning of more problems to come.
Another procedure like a cesarean section that may as well be followed by pointless hysterectomies is what women face daily in the U.S. The fear or anxiety of future life begins to emerge. Many women become concerned about the healing process and what comes after the procedure. C-sections are very painful and have a longevity effect. At the sign of any problem, women are pressured into...

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