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Analysis Of The Noble Feat Of Nike By Johan Norberg

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The Noble Feat of Nike
Globalization is the worldwide integration, development and expansion of international cultural, economic, and political activities. As people, ideas, knowledge, goods move more easily around the globe, and the experiences of people around the world become more similar. “The Noble Feat of Nike" by Johan Norberg shows us about how over the years, due to globalization around the globe, prominent, progressive and helpful foreign companies like the Nike shoe factory has made it possible for its employees in Vietnam to better their lives. If it was possible for all other third world countries, much growth and modernization would be a constant and overflowing part of everyday life. The author traveled to Vietnam to see the working conditions and the state of mind of the workers in the factories. He comes to the conclusion that these factories in fact have helped the economy over there quite a lot.
Since 1990 after Vietnamese government removal of control over the economy, it has doubled and it has cut poverty in half and helped make Vietnam into a more modernized and progressive country. He also looks into why Nike Company works better overseas, and that is due to worker satisfaction. He comes to a conclusion that the effect of globalization is not necessary a bad thing it helps third country’s quite a lot in the development process in trying to modernize and later maybe possible to compete with the first world country’s for later generations in my thought. As the author puts in “The Noble Feat of Nike” the job comes with a regular wage, which is three times the minimum wage for a state owned enterprise that also comes with free or subsidized meals, free medical services and training and education. Now in 2003 all the workers can afford to buy cars rather than 10 years before, where they had to save for three years for a bicycle than three more years for a scooter.
A connection can be made with this essay and Afghanistan, due to the fact I have traveled to many third world countries and I could see where it would help a lot of third world countries if they had more foreign companies establish factories there. Afghanistan is a country that has been torn by war for centuries, poverty and extremist rule by the Taliban. Furthermore has been scrutinized by many world public figures such as Hillary Clinton as to having one of the lowest illiteracy rates around the world. There is a famous quote I always...

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