The Nonmarket Environment Of Mc Donald’s Essay

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McDonald’s can use the power of social media to interact with its consumers to understand their grievances. Perhaps the negative publicity that the company has received is due to lack of proper interaction with the customers (Selcke, 2012). Through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the company can enlighten the public on the quantity of calories that is present in every food item. Millions of McDonald’s customers can be reached via Facebook and Twitter. The company should use its Facebook pages to apologize for any bad decisions, set the record straight, and even seek advice from its consumers to enhance positive publicity (Selcke, 2012).
Obesity is probably the most significant issue facing the McDonald’s Company today. The corporation has been severally blamed for the menace due to its wide range of junk foods. As the world’s largest fast food company, it has become a target of most health related films such as Super Size Me. This is because the public blames the company for failing to give nutritional information concerning the items on its menu (Baron, 2010).
The other controversial issue mentioned in the text is the consumer warnings vis-à-vis the acrylamide chemical detected in McDonald’s French fries. However, despite the CSPI’s confirmation that the fries contained very negligible quantities of the carcinogen, McDonald’s image had already been tarnished.
In addition, McDonald’s has been facing a series of lawsuits and defamations. An example of such court cases is the one filed by Brazilian franchisees in 2003. Another issue is the fact that the company has always been considered a sign of international animal cruelty and environmental ruin (Baron, 2010).
The interests mentioned with regard to McDonald’s nonmarket environment include the decision to promote healthy lifestyles strategies to address the issue of obesity. In addition, McDonald’s has been at the forefront in sustaining antibiotics with the help of other health institutions (Baron, 2010). It also fought against growth promoting hormones through its suppliers. Another key interest is the decision by McDonald’s company to create various environmental policies to be part of ecological conservation.
There are several nonmarket institutions that keep McDonald’s in check. The institutions mentioned by Baron (2010) include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Congress and Parliament, Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Senate, CPSI, FDA, WHO, EPA, PETA, USDA, UEP, ALF, ELF, and Greenpeace.
The information by Baron (2010) in the text includes issues such as vegetarianism, mad cow disease, cheeseburger bill, and the meals and menu nutritional information relating to the obesity issue.
The issue of obesity has not ended up to now since its emergence in the 20th century. Within a period of 20 years, the percentage of obese people in America had increased by 16 percent from 1980 to 2000. The public first realized in...

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