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The Nonthreatening Rise Of China Essay

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For the past twenty-five years, China has witnessed an overall increase in its domestic growth (Fischler 148). According to the article, “The Rise of China as a Global Power,” by Dr. Rosita Dellios, China “is the world's fourth largest trading nation, rising from 32nd in 1978 to 10th in 1997.” Similarly, China’s GDP is also second to the United States of America, generating 13 percent of the world’s output (Dellios). Since China’s introduction into the World Trade Organization in December 2001, its average tariff dropped from 41 percent in 1992 to 6 percent in 2001, becoming one of the most open economies in the world (Dellios). China is also the world’s fastest developing economy, obtaining an annual growth of 9.5 percent through foreign direct investment, low labor rates, emerging markets, and growth expansion. (Dellios). Therefore, the 21st century has been titled the “Chinese Century”, as China has become the second-largest international economy in the world (Ji-lin 15).
Since 1978, this aforementioned economic growth has been occurring under a communist government (Dellios). China operates in a system described as “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, a common theme in this country’s rise in the modern world (Dellios). Correspondingly, according to Rosita Dellios, Chinese communists adopted this political regime under Mao Zedong, which led to its economic revolution in the 20th century. This formula proved successful as it initiated the Chinese Communist Party, amending China’s interior chaos (Dellios). Therefore, China’s communist control did not negatively affect China’s economic growth, as communism rehabilitation drove this country into modernization in the 21st century.
The rise of China fostered this country to become a great power through military capabilities and transnational interrelations. Currently, China is the most crowded nation on earth with a populace of 1.3 billion individuals (Dellios). At almost 10 million square kilometers, China is the third largest country behind Russia and Canada (Dellios). Because China is the largest political unit of Asia, this nation heavily affects neighboring countries. According to Mark Borthwick, “its combined population and physical domain have not been equaled by any other nation.” Correspondingly, with impressive geographic dimension and civilizational power, China is easily able to ascertain a stabilizing influence. Therefore, after decades of exerting only modest influence, China is now a greater regional actor in Asia (Saunders 127). Rendering from the article, “The Rise of China as a Global Power,” “the rise of China could represent an alternative to American global dominance. Whether this alternative is a form of complementary balance like the Chinese yin-yang symbol, or a dangerous competition for global hegemony, has remained a matter of debate.” Nevertheless, according to the source, “China’s Role in Asia,” by Phillip C. Saunders cited by Shambaugh and Yahuda, “China’s...

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