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The North American Civil War. Essay

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The Civil War which took place from the years of 1861-1865 is a crucial part of our history today, this war took more American lives than any other war in history. Many people trace slavery as the cause of the Civil War, the thing is that slavery was a cause of the civil war, but it was not the main cause. The main cause of the Civil War was sectional division which was the differences between the North and South. The war was won after four years by the North due to the fact that the South could not overcome the North's advantages.The North and South were very different from each other the economy, culture, and the people were almost complete opposites from one another. The Sectional division was the main cause of the war, it all started with the geographical differences. The South was known for its warm climate, and fertile soil perfect for plantations and farming. In the North there was a much cooler climate, and the rocky soil made it nearly impossible to establish plantations or large farms. Due to the inability to farm the North favored the growth of cities, and depended more on trade then agriculture. The North and South's economy were very different, the South still had their large plantations owned by rich white men, and worked by black slaves. In the North they were more modernized with their big booming factories and large supply of jobs for immigrants, woman, children, and blacks. The people in the North welcomed and wanted more change, yet in the South people liked their ways of doing things, and were accustomed to them. The North also had a much larger population of people than the South. Slavery played a role in one of the causes of the Civil War. The South believed in slavery, it was key in keeping large plantations open and successful. Slaves in the south were used as labor workers. In the North slavery helped keep uneducated blacks out of the North, and make them stay in the South. Yet overtime the north changed their minds, and thought that slavery should be changed in the South. Abe Lincoln was soon up for election for president and he said that if he was going to be president then there would be no more slavery. The South when hearing this got together and the leaders of the South told the people of the South they wanted to leave the Union that if they didn't their rights would be terminated, and slavery would be taken away from them. So one by one the South states left the union.Abe Lincoln did become president he received very little votes from the South but still made it to become president. The South became very nervous about losing there rights, and being a free state doing as they please. Many Southerners favored secession as part of the idea that the states have rights and powers which the federal government cannot legally deny. The supporters of states' rights held that the national government was a league of independent states, any of which had the right to secede. December of 1860 South Carolina was the first state...

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