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The 1500's was a time when English scholars came together and shared their thoughts on a variety of subjects, which sparked their imagination. For instance, Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia, which talked about an ideal civilization living in Paradise. This inspired sailors and adventurers to explore new soil all around the world. The explorations resulted in various societies trading with each other, which eventually created a worldwide mercantile system. This helped England prosper, while their population was expanding. At the same time, King Henry VIIII decided to break ties with the Catholic Church and make himself in charge of the Church of England. Then, when his daughter Mary took over as the queen she restored the Catholic religion in England. Later as time past by, Henry's second daughter Elizabeth I occupied the throne and reignited the religious tension between Catholicism and Protestantism. This was one reason why some of the English immigrated to America; they wanted to get away from the religious tribulations. Others just wanted to become rich, look for adventure, or flee poverty, but the one thing they all had in common was that they wanted to live a better life. By the 1700's, two colonies were formed, the New England and the Chesapeake regions. It was settled by the English, but their cultures were completely distinct. This difference in development occurred because the New England settlers came for God, while the Chesapeake settlers came for opulence and power.The settlers in New England consisted of English immigrants who brought their families with them. Fathers, mothers and children traveled together, leaving no one behind. The ages ranged from one to forty years old (Document B). Working together as a big family and treating everybody as an equal is depicted in both documents A and D. Document A mentions how the New Englanders "must be knit together...make others' conditions [their] own..." Document D says, "...that every inhabitant shall have convenient proportion for a house... [that fits] everyone's quality and estate." Mutual aid and equality were two great qualities for the New England community because it would facilitate them in the later years. Religion was a big part of the New England culture; for the most part it was Puritanism. They opposed...

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668 words - 3 pages After years and years of fighting and building tensions between the Northern parts and Southern parts of the United States it eventually led to the Civil War which eventually resulted in the final separation of the North and the South. But there were so many other conflicting events that had occurred that separated the North and South on different levels long before the Civil War. Some of the major events include things such as the Kansas

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778 words - 3 pages The North and the South had stereotyped one another and each group thought they were doing everything much better than the other was. The major problem they were having was how to handle the issue of slavery in the territories.President Polk was unaware that his desire for expansion would eventually divide the Whig party, and bring to the open an aggressive southern theory on slavery in the territories. In 1846 the Oregon Treaty was signed

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934 words - 4 pages It was only a matter of time for the inevitable conflict between the North and South to occur. The North and South were complete opposites in their economic systems, political views, social positions, and geographic regions. The dispute over slavery became the main conflict argued about throughout the country. Northerners formed the Republican party and the Southerners formed the Democratic party. Both sides tried to take different social

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1026 words - 5 pages North and South Koreas Outbreak In War John F. Kennedy once noted: “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” Rising tensions between two opposing forces can lead to intense conflict. Provided that China and Japan have struggles of their own, North and South Korea have had struggles since 1950 (“Korean War”, 1) and continue to hold their conflicts, which seem to be increasing. South Korea, a democratic nation, is the

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2877 words - 12 pages Margaret Hale in Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel North and South exemplifies the new type of woman a mid-nineteenth century woman should emulate. The contemporary woman is capable of balancing being a dutiful, generous, just woman while also satisfying her own passion, intellect, and moral activity. England needs women that can manifest their innate ability to sympathize with a capacity to change and adapt. The progressive world will require the

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1022 words - 4 pages The Differences between the North and South on the Eve of the Civil War On the eve of the Civil war, both the North and the South had differences, both minor and large. The main difference was Slavery where both sides had a completely dissimilar view point on how the treat black people an example of this is the Missouri compromise in 1820. There were also differences in the rate of industrialisation and

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