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“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”(Martin Luther King Jr).The Northern Pass is a highly controversial proposal, to construct 180 miles of new electrical transmission towers with heights ranging from 90-135 feet from Canada, through northern New Hampshire, then eastward to Deerfield. The project was proposed by three different utility companies: NSTAR, Public Service of New Hampshire, and Hydro-Quebec. The utilities say that the 1.4 billion Northern Pass project, would transport up to 1,200 megawatts of hydropower (power generated by the movement of natural flowing water) from ...view middle of the document...

This means two sections in New Hampshire under 8 miles will have the transmission line underground. These lines, power over one million homes and 1,200 jobs will be produced. These jobs are vital to the region because this will have people working and keeping the unemployment line shorter, thus producing a moving economy. Marc Brown argues that using other types of green energy such as solar and wind power aren't as effective as they seem (parag 4,7). According to this evidence, people argue that solar and wind power need to be in more of an abundance in the view of renewable energy. But these forms of power generation require massive taxpayer subsidies, are cost prohibited, and these provide an intermittent natural function. Its like paying for something that you wouldn't know whether it will produce its intended product, so it is a waste of money. Wasting money is not good for the economy. The Northern pass does not waste money. So in turn, it is a suitable option for economic power in New England. Certainly, the Northern Pass positively affects the economic properties of the region of New England.
The Northern pass provides environmental benefits to the region of New England. Barbara Tetreault and Martha Creegan observe that the Governor of New Hampshire’s goals can be reached in the near future for Co2 deprivation (parag 4). Essentially, the reduction in fossil fuel dependence in the region is important due to the Governor’s goal to reduce New Hampshires Co2 emissions by 80% by the year 2050. This can be done by the Northern Pass since its production in carbon emissions is very low. Co2 emissions are harmful to the quality of our air. So it is important to reduce Co2 emissions in and around the world. Julia Frayer believes that the Northern Pass will help lower carbon emissions over time (parag 2).This suggest that the reduce in carbon emissions projected from the Northern Pass, is significant and equivalent to taking nearly 900,000 cars of the road annually! The reduction in carbon emissions is very important, these carbon emissions absorb and emit radiation in the air, irradiating our oxygen. Clearly, the Northern Pass is beneficial to New England for economic and environmental growth. Howard Webber demonstrates, like New Hampshires Governor believes that we need to cut down on fossil fuels (parag 5). The Northern pass is powered by Hydropower -from moving water- this generates the power we need without the consumption of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuel produces Co2 emissions. Therefore, if the Northern pass doesn't burn fossil fuel, then its clearly good for the environment. All in all the benefits produced from the Northern Pass benefit the New England’s environmental aspect.
The Northern Pass is a more effective energy source than traditional energy sources throughout New England. Tom Borelli observes that, the supply and demand of electrical power is going to hit New England hard...

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