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“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”(Fitzgerald 180). The Great Gatsby considered to be one a great novel about the 1920’s follows the story of a man named James Gatz, who tries to relive the past, or his alias Jay Gatsby. The story is unravelled through the eyes on Nick Carraway, a young bonds salesman trying to make it in the East. Nick moves in to his house neighbor to Gatsby. Nick meets Gatsby at one of Gatsby’s parties and they become friends quite fast. Gatsby in in love with Nick’s cousin Daisy whom was Gatsby’s lover. Gatsby gets Nick to introduce Daisy to Gatsby. They hit it off but Daisy’s cheating husband Tom Buchanan, racist, is jealous and uses a garage owner, George Wilson, to murder Gatsby. Gatsby has died, George has died and Nick is left to himself to ponder on about Gatsby. Gatsby is a young man that makes it big, say chases the American Dream, yet the American Dream does not exist in The Great Gatsby.
There are not enough opportunities for all the characters in the novel. Gatsby is a man who fell in love and earned all his wealth for her. Although he has gained his high, but superficial, status he has not earned all his money honestly. Tom points out “Certainly not for a common swindler who’d have to steal the ring he put on her finger.”(Fitzgerald 133). Gatsby is caught red handed he has not earned his wealth honestly. At lunch with Nick they encounter Wolfsheim ,a gambler who fixed the World Series in 1919, a shady man sporting a pair of cufflinks made of human molars but Gatsby a man so honest yet knows this man very well so far as to be friends. Through their friendship it is possible to see Gatsby has done some dirty work. As Jeffrey Louis Decker points out in the article “Gatsby’s Pristine Dream: The Diminishment of the Self-Made Man in the Tribal Twenties” “Gatsby “raised …up out of nothing,” he is “made” not by the sweat of his honest brow but by the black hand of the immigrant gangster.”(Decker). Decker points that Gatsby an honest man has made himself in dishonest ways. Gatsby had to go great lengths to get what he wanted something a man without a cause, without a love, an obsession couldn’t achieve. Kimberly Hearne states in the article “Fitzgerald’s Rendering of a Dream” “Even though we are united, we are still separate and emotionally isolated from each other.”(Hearne). Tom is held with more respect yet Gatsby is viewed as a low down bootlegger. They have both made it to where they wanted but it runs deeper into a state of establishment. Without the status you are nothing and will stay where you reside; just like the bad and good there has to be somewhere to reside for all the lower class.
With the coming of progress there is destruction. Between West Egg and New York there is a place called the Valley of Ashes, a desolate and sad place. Nick goes as far as to describe the valley so horribly “Where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens…of men...

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548 words - 2 pages realizes her love for Gatsby once again, but after all of his accomplishments and effort Daisy remains with Tom. Gatsby took the blame for the automobile accident that killed Myrtle. Soon after the accident Wilson goes to Gatsby’s house, finding his lying on an air mattress in the pool, floating in the water and looking at the sky. Wilson shoots Gatsby, killing him instantly,and then shoots himself. Wilson probably put Gatsby out of his misery. “A life withoutlove is a life not worth living.”BibliographyF. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 1925.

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1020 words - 5 pages citizens to aspire for a leisurely longevity. However, many argue that the imaginative concept of the American dream is not tangible in society. Through the character’s personalities, Gatsby’s lies, and Gatsby’s eventual death, F. Scott Fitzgerald condemns the American dream in his classic novel, The Great Gatsby. ​Through an analysis of the character’s personalities, it becomes evident that they do not depict the typical American dream. The

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2929 words - 12 pages Illusions and Reality in The Great GatsbyAccording to Cynthia Wu, no matter how many critical opinions there are on The Great Gatsby, the book basically deals with Gatsby's dream and his illusions (39). We find out from the novel that Jay Gatsby is not even a real person but someone that James Gatz invented. Wu also tells us that Gatsby has illusions that deal with romance, love, beauty, and ideals (39). Wu also points out that Gatsby's

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862 words - 4 pages not think about spending the money because he has it and knows he does, and that ties back in with the idea of people flaunting their money. And money is green like that of the green light. Another symbol used by Fitzgerald is the broken clock. In chapter five, Gatsby has arranged for Nick to have both him and Daisy over at the same time so that they can meet again. Nick agrees and invites Daisy over. Gatsby arrives before Daisy does, but

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566 words - 2 pages The Great Gatsby Essay Most people are obsessed with something, whether it be cleanliness or money. Many characters in the Great Gatsby are obsessed with the dream of being wealthy, the American dream. Most of these characters are corrupted by this dream, for example Jay Gatsby, Meyer Wolfsheim, and Myrtle Wilson. The Great Gatsby show how the American dream when taken too far, can turn an innocent person into a person only seeking money

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