The Not So Suspicious Death Of Edgar A. Poe

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Knowledge of Edgar Allan Poe is spread across decades and even centuries. Many have read his poems as a kid but, most do not know that the famous literary artist’s death was made a mystery like the ones he wrote about.The death of this renowned literary figure has caused much debate among historians, literary scholars, and medical doctors. This is due to the multiple possibilities for the cause of Edgar’s peculiar last days; many of which can be disproved. Though many theories have been made, a modernized medical perspective on this case gives answers that the others do not. On Poe’s business travels to New York City, from Richmond, Virginia he detoured to Baltimore. No one knows exactly why this happened, but many speculations have been drawn out. Edgar was found face down outside of a bar in a city that was not on his agenda. He was unconscious and taken to a nearby hospital and four days later pronounced dead by Dr. John J. Morgan, his attending physician. In the four days of his stay at the hospital, Poe slipped in and out of consciousness. Dr. Moran reported Edgar having tremors, sweating, hallucinations, delirium as in talking to walls, and cognitively impaired (Francis 168). These symptoms carried out until his death on October 7th, 1849. Most support goes to an alcohol related death. Even though other medical disorders, cooping, and conspiracy hold strong theories. Medical advances of the 20th century gave what is needed to uncover this mysterious death. Alcohol abuse was common during this time, but not much was known about the withdrawals and other illnesses relating to it. Withdrawals from alcohol and alcohol related diseases caused the eminent writer’s death, and it was not until advanced technology that this so called mystery could be uncovered.
Robert Hopkins a philosopher on art and literature quoted J.P. Kennedy saying, “On Sunday last Edgar A. Poe died in town here at a hospital from the effects of a debauch…”(43). A debauch was a term used for indulging in pleasures, in this case it was alcohol. Edgar was well known to go on binges of drinking, especially after the passing of his wife in 1842 from tuberculosis. Poe would drink for a few days and then quit for months at a time. He came from a family of drinkers. This left him inclined to join them on their foolish behaviors. His father and brother drank and were both notorious alcoholics (Francis 171). His alcoholic ways resulted in times of unemployment and proved to make relationships hard. Edgar’s alcoholic behavior is thought to be the reason that he ended up in Baltimore. Hopkins writes, “R.H. Stoddard- who claimed that Poe had gotten on the return train to Baltimore by mistake while in a drunken stupor…” (44). There was little known about the results of alcohol abuse back then, and new technologies help to uncover some of the tragedies of drinking.
Inventions like the magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) and the positron emission tomography machine (PET scan) give...

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