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The Notion Of 'eurasia' And Nationalism In Russia Do They Cooperate Or Work Against Each Other?

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In this memo I will try to argue that Russian nationalism (in either 'expansionist' or 'defensive' form) and the 'Eurasian' project do not enhance each other and cannot both be sustained at the same time in order to reach goals of both. While nationalism might help preserve the legitimacy of the Russian ruling elite in a short/medium term, in the long run it will have to decide.
There are many reasons for the Russian elite to create the Eurasian Union. Trying to become an equal partner to the European Union and to the globalized world, trying to exert power so it keeps its influence in the region (which Russia considers to be under its influence), but also to build a strong image of Russia ...view middle of the document...

EU has/had to deal with this, Russia will only have a harder time at it.
The second problem is the problem of the other member states of the Union. Belarus and Kazachstan are working on the Union with Russia. In these countries (aswell as in othe neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia) Russia tries to hold of its influence by either soft or hard power. The Belarusian regimes is heavily subsidized by Russians in exchange for loyalty to the Russian elite. This relationship is quite fragile. President Lukachenko skilfully exploits the situation. At least formal loyalty of Belarus to Russia is quite important for Russia, and so it concedes in many areas to keep this relationship of the two. The resulting situation is that the Russian 'levers' on its neighbours are becoming less effective and that the independence of these countries grows. Be gaining this status, they would seem more reluctant to transfer much of this power back to Russia. Also these states would be exposed to Russian presures to accept and follow 'Russian values' where the states are also expected to resist, and in return they just might increase the nationalistic tendencies of these countries.
These would also make it less probable by the EU and other organizations to deem the Eurasian project highly legitimate.
In the end, nationalism does not really help to support the Eurasian Union...

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