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The Novel, Entitled Great Expectations, Was Written By The Remarkable Charles Dickens. My Report Tackles The Overall View Of The Story Including The Characters & Their Backgrounds.

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GREAT ECXPECTTIONSBy Charles DickensSETTING: Kent, month of DecemberMAJOR CHARACTERS:Phillip Pirrup- he was called "Pip" by everybody. He was an orphan who lived with his sister and his brother-in-law.Mrs. Joe Gargery- the elder sister of Pip who was not very affectionate. She has a very bad temper.Joseph Gargery-Pip's brother-in-law and friendMs. Havisham- an immensely rich and grim old lady who lived in a big , neglected houseEstella- a beautiful young lady. who was loved by Pip. She was adopted by Ms. Havisham.Mr. Jagger- the lawyer who had clients of all kinds--- not all of them the best kind of people.Mr. Abel Magwitch- the convict who willed a big sum of money to Pip.MINOR CHARACTERSMr. and Mrs. Hubble- the wheel maker and his wife.Biddy- an orphan girl in the village who helped in the Gargery household when Mrs. Joe was attacked.Herbert Pocket-a poor gentlemen who lived with Pip when he was already loiving in London.Mr. Wemmick-short, dry man with glittering eyes. He was the clerk who assisted Mr. Jagger.Startop-one of the students of Mr. Pocket who helped Pip in the time of troubleBentley Drummle- the other student with Startop and Pip. He got married with EstellaSHORT SUMMARYIt was Christmas Eve. Pip visited hi parents'grave on the deserted marshes. Suddenly, a huge man appeared and seized Pip's chin in a steely grip. The man ordered Pip to get a file and steal some food. He made it clear that no one should know about it or else he would be dead. So Pip got a file from his brother-in-laws tool box and stole pork-pie from the pantry. Pip gave what the convict wanted. He ate the food greedily and then he began to file at his leg iron like a mad man.At home, some soldiers asked Joe's help of fixing a handcuff since he was a blacksmith. Joe gladly helped and they went with the soldiers to capture the convicts. When the two were captured, Pip looked at the convict he helped. He shook his head, trying to assure the convict that he did not led the soldiers there.Days passed by and they were just the ordinary until Miss Havisham asked him to comeover her mansion and play. There, he met Estella. Pip admired her eventhough she was mean to him. When he was already an aprrentice to Joe, he miised Estella because he no longer see her.One day, Pip's sister was attacked. She was badly injured and her power of speech and memory failed. A lady named Biddy helped them I their chores in place for Mrs. Joe.Pip had been apprentice to Joe for about four years when an offer of big amount of money was willed to him. He accepted the money and moved to London to make his dreams a reality--- to be a gentleman. There, he learned so many things and experienced the life of being a wealthy man. He became proud and when Joe visited him, he was mean.One day, he discovered that his benefactor all along was not Miss Havisham but Mr. Magwitch. The convict he helped when he was seven. At first, he did not want anything to do with Magwitch. Learning that hw was a nice...

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780 words - 3 pages his readers to continue reading the novel. Humour was another technique used by Dickens in ‘Great Expectations’ to engage the reader in the story. E.g. “Tickler was a wax-ended piece of cane, worn smooth by collision with my tickled frame”. This suggests that Pip was beaten so much with the cane that it smoothened. Victorians would have found this funny but if it was written in a story at the present time the readers would think that it

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2295 words - 9 pages Analysis of the Use of Setting in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens The novel, Great Expectations, starts on the dull lonely marshes of Pip’s home village. Pip has a lack of identity in this book because it says, ‘My Father’s family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Phillip, my infant tongue could make of both the names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip. So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called

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715 words - 3 pages , whose real name is revealed as Magwitch. The law forced him to never come back to England, ever again, but he came back and supported Pip, even though Pip believed it to be Miss Havisham the entire time to eventually get both him and Estella together. The convict was so touched by what Pip did for him long ago that he went to Australia to make a fortune to make Pip’s dream of being a gentleman come true. Though , Pip is technically harboring a

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1388 words - 6 pages term ‘canon’ is used to signify an authoritative list of authors and their works (Harris, 1992). Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a canonical work that is worthy of study. It has a complexity that makes possible the application of a variety of analysing tools and literary criticism. Applying such tools and criticism is a way of evaluating the value of a work of literature (Moon, 1999). This essay will highlight the relevance of Great

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1511 words - 6 pages Comparing the Characters of Magwitch and Miss Havisham in Great Expectations by Dickens Miss Havisham is a bitter old woman. She wants to seek revenge on all men for the wrong that was done to her by one man. She lives in her clothes that she should have worn to her wedding and is surrounded by decaying things in a darkened room. Miss Havisham adopts a young girl Estella, whom she has planed to use her to seek revenge on

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1099 words - 4 pages How Dickens Creates Sympathy for the Characters in Great Expectations Published initially as a weekly contribution in a local newspaper, Dickens’ Great Expectations developed to be a great success. Great Expectations was a story for all classes, both rich and poor appreciated his efforts. Great Expectations is the tale of Phillip Pirrip who has no family except an older sister, he feels insecure in the world around him. Having no

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1191 words - 5 pages description of London, and hints a sense of foreboding, foreshadowing the futility of Pip's expectations. This ideology developed through Pips learning process is created through a carefully crafted linear plot in order to present fiction as reality.Reflected by the matured Pip in the perspective of the omniscient narrator, Great Expectations' first person narration employs the wisdom of hindsight to define the events and characters of the story. Dickens

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817 words - 4 pages Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations (1861) has great significance to the plot. The title itself symbolizes prosperity and most importantly ambition. The main character and the protagonist, Pip (Philip Pirrip) was born an orphan and hand-raised by his sister Mrs. Gargery and her husband Joe Gargery. Pip was a young boy when he was threatened by a convict, Magwitch, at his parents’ grave to aid him. Pip nervously agreed to lend him a hand