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The Novel Reef By Romesh Gunesekera

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The novel Reef by Romesh Gunesekera is about a lad named Triton. The novel marks his coming of age. As the novel progress young Triton grows from a boy to a man.” Triton at the age of eleven” and “I told him I had a business nearby a restaurant”(Gunesekera1) ,this show that he had grown up from a lad to man. Triton experiences a number of events that his coming of age. In my essay I will explore these events of an insider and outsider.

In my first paragraph I will be talking about the relationship of Mister Salgado and Nili. Mister Salgado and Nili’s relationship went across or broke boundaries at the social context, because they were from different religion which was unaccepted at that ...view middle of the document...

Triton feels like as if he does not belong with them because of his off low intellectual level. He feels like he is just a servant and he will never dine with them in the same table. Triton’s feelings are so intense that he exit the house to physical excludes him from them” I had been dreaming too long outdoors” (Gunesekera153). This contrast with the Christmas party where he was so eager to listen, paying more attention to every detail such as how they consume food, what they spoke about and their personalities. When he refers to our “our house” to mister Salgado’s house Triton feels as mister Salgado’s companion and regards the house as their home. Tritons unease with Mr. Salgado’s guest is clear at his stage, he feels like he had given them too much credit then they deserved. He realizes that they a bunch of educated class which looks down on the minorities. He also realizes that he had been wrong to think he could learn from them. This contrasts with his feelings during the Christmas party where he is willingingly obliged to serve them as well as listen to their conversation.

At this point feels like he has misjudged Joseph, he first hated him and have this bitterness inside him because of how Joseph treated him. Triton sees himself in the same level as Joseph and Wijetunga because they were all treated as servant. He hears them referring him with Wijetunga as a bugger” where the hell is that bugger, Triton.” At this point he realizes that he should have gone to...

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