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The November 2006 Mid Term Elections Explained In Terms Of Why People Voted The Way They Did.

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The American Republic was designed by the founding fathers with one goal paramount to all others: the prevention of tyranny. The tyranny that the constitution is intended to protect us from includes both that of a tyrannical leader, but also the tyranny of the masses--the possibility of one side of the bipartisan society we live in becoming so overwhelming that the side that is in the minority can do nothing to stop them from promoting their interests above the others. Recent years have shown that this can do nothing to stop them from promoting their interests above the others. Recent years have shown that this latter tyranny is quite possible. Although President George W. Bush was elected by a very narrow majority--if that--it gave the Republicans the majority position in all three branches of government. Shortly after that election, with the assistance Republican SuperTeamLeague sometimes known as the 109th Congress, President Bush continued uncontested with his agenda of the importance of family values, the sanctity of human life, the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman, and the complete annihilation of the country of Iraq.The November 2006 mid-term elections, however, acted as a reality check for President Bush sent from those of the founding fathers that feared this kind of majority. According to the NPR report Direction of the Country, two out of every three Americans did not think the country was headed in the right direction, and they wanted their voices to be heard. A thousand likely voters from the fifty most competitive Congressional districts--the overwhelming majority of which were republican seats--were asked questions by researchers working for National Public Radio (NPR) in July regarding how they felt about the mid-term elections, still more than three months away at that time. The timing of the survey is important, because the survey was taken before the Republicans in Congress' scandalous private behavior was made public information. This makes the report immune to alibis of the Democrats using the media against the Republicans to win seats in the election. The surveyors asked voters about a variety of high-profile issues from stem-cell research to the economy to immigration in order to have a well-rounded understanding of the reasons people were planning on voting in these districts. On each issue they were asked about, the voters said that they were more likely to support the Democrats with the exception of a tie over immigration policy. The report goes on to say that roughly half of Americans were "more enthusiastic about voting than usual." We were tired of the 109th Congress, of an unchecked President, and of the ineptitude both at home and the handling of the occupation of Iraq, and we had good reason to be.By this point, we pretty much expect each congress to give itself a pay raise during their terms. This is sleazy enough as it is, but the 109th Congress took it to another level. Compared to the 139...

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