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The Nuclear Predicament Essay

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In recent times, the issue of sustainable energy has resurfaced frequently in politics. The current popular energy sources used today include gasoline, coal, and other fossil fuels. These fossil fuels pollute the environment and contribute to various harmful effects. This energy source has sustained not only America, but also the entire world population for well over a century and has proven to have a very high energy output. Despite this output, the supply of fossil fuels is finite and becoming a rapidly depleted source. This is where various alternate energy sources begin to come into question. Nuclear energy tends to have a negative connotation amongst many general populations, however it could be the answer to this economic, environmental, and energy issue.
Many oppose the adoption of any alternative energy source simply because fossil fuels have been so reliable for so long. Fossil fuels are a very limited supply and are a non-renewable resource that is not easy to acquire. As time goes on, the cost of using fossil fuels is increasing drastically as the resource is being depleted. Monetary value is increasing alarmingly, environmental impact is becoming more of a factor, and a political power shift has occurred giving the nations who control these natural deposits of oil an edge, and control, over all other nations dependent upon their supply. Nuclear energy stands out above other alternative energy sources simply with its sheer magnitude of energy output. This particular power can become a more independently driven, from a specific country or nation. Although it should be adopted, it will not be until people come to accept it.
First and foremost, nuclear energy does not mean radioactivity, carcinogens, and meltdowns are imminent. One of the reason many countries are not heavily implementing nuclear reactors is due to the disapproval of an increasingly worrying population who continues to be reluctant to turn to nuclear energy. “The Fukushima accident has destroyed considerable trust in the claims of nuclear industry about the frequency of occurrence and the impact of severe accidents on the environment” (Schenkel 357). The meltdowns at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima are three of the most infamous nuclear disasters that resurface to the minds of people when nuclear energy is up for discussion. Unfortunately, many people do not know the reasons for these meltdowns and only see them as an effect without a cause. To make nuclear energy a potential alternative energy source, people need to understand why these meltdowns occur.
Nuclear meltdowns do not simply just happen; several safeguards have to be broken within a short amount of time for such a disaster to occur. Harutoshi Funabashi explains the technological safeguards that were broken, which include faulty design of towers that control power lines, a poor placement of back-up generators underneath the facility where a tsunami could easily damage and destroy the generators,...

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