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The Nutty Side Of Schools Essay

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Thomas Mulvihill, assistant superintendent in New Milford, Connecticut, recently brought attention to the fact that “there’s a philosophical issue [here], an interesting debate on whether to purify an atmosphere for one child” (Flanigan). Some students do not feel safe in this non-purified environment where they currently reside. But what causes this unsafe feeling results from what many do not regard as dangerous: the homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This single sandwich is devoured by millions of children throughout the United States each and every year. It has even been given its own day, April 2, because of its undeniable popularity. However, this popularity of peanut butter is ...view middle of the document...

It is certainly true that peanuts act as an important part of a healthy diet. The high amount of fiber along with the excessive amount of protein provide a healthy snack that children genuinely enjoy (Rinzler). It is just their luck that this legume also happens to be available in the spread that so many people enjoy as a meal. Children and the body both enjoy the food, and many parents argue that this should not be taken away in elementary school cafeterias. There is a big enough problem with obesity as it is, so why take why a food that is bought by many and actually does not contribute to the obesity crisis? Some people consider it unreasonable to eliminate a food such as this.
It is also true that there are not nearly as many children with peanut allergies compared to those without. Children with peanut allergies are a minority; only affecting roughly four out of every 100 children (Jacobs and Griswold). Even though the prevalence of peanut allergies is high on the rise, the amount of children in schools with allergies is still at a relatively low amount. People argue that special accommodations should not be made for such a small amount of kids, if it ends up heavily affecting the majority. They assume that the only aspect separating a student with allergies and a “normal” student is the allergen. So why do special accommodations need to be made for one student with one difference?
But contrary to this common belief of students only having one allergy is the fact that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that children with food allergies are four times to more likely to suffer from asthma or another allergen (Jacobs and Griswold). The fact is that these allergic students desperately need help to keep them safe. It is impossible to ask an eight-year-old child to protect themselves against the child sitting next to him or her at lunch, chowing down on a peanut-based granola bar. In the current situation in cafeterias, the schools are putting the children in an unsafe environment where they are unable to act assertively. How can we expect the child to tell move away from a perceived safe environment when they barely know how to add and subtract?
Similarly, the peanuts also cause the child to feel a sense of social isolation. In some schools throughout the country the allergic student is forced to sit at a designated “peanut-free” table in the cafeteria (Ballaro and Sprague). At first glance, these tables appear to be a beneficial solution to the ongoing problem, but in reality they actually harm the child in another way. One of the darkest stages of American history occurred during the Civil Rights Movement. People of a different skin color were segregated in practically every aspect of their life. It has been sixty years since the Supreme Court unanimously voted in Brown v. Board of Education that “separate facilities are inherently unequal” (Bouie). In many minds separate tables for children with peanut allergies is not...

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