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After taking the OB, I would politely disagree with the first part of my friend’s statement suggesting that OB courses are not useful in the real world. However, I do agree with her saying that OB would be helpful for people entering managerial roles. I feel OB can be very beneficial to almost anyone in the real world because of concepts such as personality and perception will help people understand themselves better. Then I believe OB is one of the critical tools for today's managers work environment. Some important OB concepts such as motivation, diversity, organizational justice, and ethics are necessary for managers to gain an understanding and to benefit the workplace. A person or manager trained and knowledgeable in OB has the utmost advantage in being successful.
To start off, I would tell my friend how the OB course have been useful for own personal development. The topic of personality in OB was very important in how I understand myself. I firmly believe that effective individuals know themselves. They examine their patterns of behavior to better understand their thoughts and emotions. Truly effective individuals make an effort to know themselves well so they can predict their behavior. Self-examination allows effective individuals to be in a position to reinforce their positive behaviors and identify and work on the negative ones. Studying personalities gave me a better sense of who I really am and how I am able to convey those personalities to interact with others.
Next, I would tell her about how important it is for a person to understand perception. Perception of tricky to deal with, I am constantly making all the perceptual errors. I noticed that I tend to blame my mistakes on the external factors and not myself and how I always end up committing the primacy errors everyday. Learning about these perceptual errors in OB has led me to be aware of my own mistakes and errors and knowing about these mistakes and errors allows me to correct it. Correcting the perceptual errors will allow me to grow and improve my self-awareness so that I am able to be a better person.
Now to support my friend’s statement about OB being useful to management. I would say that learning to manage any organization successfully can be difficult, but without learning the essentials of behavior within any organization, it is almost impossible. Learning to understand people's...

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