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ObamaCare Essay

When you think about medical insurance all that run’s through the mind is high expensive medical bills, and not just for yourself if you have a family and must care for children who sometimes could be careless and run into lots of trouble. Then you take trips to the hospitals that lead to big,expensive bills that could make you lose tons of money putting you on the verge of being in debt or going bankrupt. Although that may be true, America has been providing medicare for its citizens the last couple years that help with the coverage of any medical bills, but its not for everyone it was for those who qualified and the qualifications were not easy to ...view middle of the document...

What ObamaCare basically is a new U.S law that is to reform the American health care system. Its main focus is on providing more people of the U.S with easier access to an affordable health insurance plan. Also this new law will provide for whoever qualifies with new benefits, rights and also new forms of protection. Some examples of new rights and protections is that it protects young adults under the age of 26, also protects the choice of what doctor you would like to have. It also provides the Health Insurance Market which is for individuals, families and small businesses to get health coverage for them family members and or employees.

Those were just some details about Medicare and how it worked. Further detail about it would be that young adults could not get there own plan for Medicare unlike now, they had to stay on their parents plan up until the age of 26 at that point they could move on and get their own but some could of had plans towards wanting their own earlier in life. One thing that Medicare would do for senior citizens that would in a way help them out is lower the amount that they would pay for their Medicare, they would help with a good amount but they still had to pay a certain amount. This could have been controversial issue because people could have begun to question this and possibly get upset about the fact that they get help with Medicare but lets everyone else to pay full amounts. Those being some of the things that Medicare provided before the new health care system brought. I believe that this new law that was introduced not to long ago has changed and helped so many people into having a better and more secure life and not have to worry about paying huge medical bills.

When the new law was introduced many people saw that it was a new beginning too many who had never before been able to obtain medical insurance for themselves and loved ones and gave them a reassuring boost. This new health care was very much overdue and and is needed for many reasons. One of the reasons being that now all U.S citizens will be able to apply and receive this medicare and will also be affordable to them by helping to stay within a price rage which the last medicare was not so big on. One big issue revolving around the most talked about problem in medicare is money. With this law passed by Obama, now they will have managed the skyrocketing health care cost under control rather than having it at a high range which most people were not able to afford, putting them in a terrible position not being able to provide their families and loved ones with medical insurance.

Although ObamaCare may seem like an amazing subject to us it still has it’s flaws but also it has its good side. Some of the good things that come with ObamaCare is that those who apply will be able to choose his/her doctor and they will be appointed to them and the ObamaCare will happily do that with no hesitation, this makes those who apply a lot more happier and a lot more...

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