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Zuleima Rodriguez
ObamaCare Essay

Do you know what ObamaCare? If not you will know anyways because I will be
explaining to you what exactly ObamaCare is. ObamaCare is a health reform law that was passed by our current president Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. It was passed in an effort that more Americans would have healthcare and would be able to afford it. In order to apply for ObamaCare the person must be an American citizen.
ObamaCare has not really affected Americans in any form because most American stayed with the health provider they already had. However, for those people who actually decided to get Obamacare where most ...view middle of the document...

Most people get taken advantage of do to the lack of knowledge towards the health insurance policies. That is why people should be very aware of what health insurance provider they are going to get and what that health insurance will provide for them. People should look up information on the internet about what type of insurance they want to get it’s something that everyone should do before they get something.
ObamaCare was made in effort so that all Americans would have healthcare and be healthy. They want all Americans to be able to have access to healthcare in case they need it. That is also the reason why ObamaCare is not very expensive and fairly affordable to anyone. In 2014 which is this year we are in, a law passed which requires all Americans to have health insurance otherwise they may be punished by having to pay a fee. The deadline that they gave the people to already have a health insurance was March 31, 2014. I personally think that this law that is great because everyone should know better and have health insurance in case of an emergency they don’t have to pay a big bill for visiting the doctor. Because you never really know when something could happen and you may end up needing to go to the hospital.
Congressman Republican Sen. David Vitter said “That’s an exemption, plain and simple.” which to me means that he did not like the decision that Obama made towards ObamaCare. Republicans are against ObamaCare and voted against it in an attempt to make some changes to it. They believe it would take away peoples jobs and greatly affect our economy. I also personally believe that Republicans just want to get rid of ObamaCare because they don’t really care for the poor that can’t afford ObamaCare. To me that is very selfish because everyone deserves to have health insurance no matter how wealthy or...

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