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The Objective Enforcer Essay

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Ayn Rand did not nutter her cats because she believed that cats could not change nature to how they wanted or to their wishes. Rand was a philosopher who created objectivism. Objectivism consisted of knowing only good and bad, no action is in between. Logic was what should determine one’s actions and values and not let emotions effect decision making. Her philosophy was created in the early 1950s and later influenced a comic book artist by the name of Steve Ditko. Ditko created two comic books portraying Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Mr. A and The Question. Alan Moore grew up reading Ditko’s work and created a comic of his own. Rorschach in Watchmen embodies what objectivism is while being illustrated as realistically as possible. Rorschach reflects Ayn Rand’s philosophy by living his life using logical reasoning as well as viewing the world metaphorically in black and white as seen through Steve Ditko’s work.
Ayn Rand believed that one should have a morality based on logic not on faith and Rorschach’s morality is based upon what he sees, he believes in what is tangible. Morality should not be based on one’s emotions or mystic beliefs. “A morality not based on reason, morality which can be proven through logic” (TruthTube1111). Reason should be the base of the morality that is set. Throughout the comic Watchmen, Rorschach’s morality is set on what he thinks is logical. “For my own part, regret nothing. Have lived life, free from compromise…and step into the shadow now without complaint…” (Moore X, xxii, 6.) Rorschach did not let emotions influence the actions he took. He let logic guide his actions throughout the whole graphic novel.
In having a morality based Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Rorschach understood what was good and wrong. He saw everything in black and white, no action could be in between. “Black and white moving. Changing shape…but not mixing. No gray” (Moore VI, x, 3.) His mask symbolizes his belief in no action can be in the grey, there is no mixture of black and white in his mask. Ayn Rand and Ditko both believed in objectivism and with objectivism came the belief that there is only good and bad. Moore created Rorschach as an objective character. “It’s appropriate in that the character is obsessed with stark duality—black and white—and ironic in that the mushy ‘it’s whatever you see’” (Doherty.) Ditko strongly believed everyone has choice to do either good or evil; multiple of his works were based around this idea.
Ayn Rand believed that justice should be issued appropriately to those who do wrong and only to them, Rorschach did just that. Rorschach makes it his responsibility to give justice to those who have done bad....

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