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The Obsession With Weight In The Entertainment Industry.         Have You

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The Obsession with Weight in the Entertainment Industry. Have you ever looked at the cover of YM, People, or Cosmopolitan and seen a model at or above their ideal weight? At the same glance, have you ever seen even the slightest blemish in their skin? Did u know that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12? In today's entertainment industry, the emphasis seems to be on being "thin". It is amazing how in such a short amount of time we can go from the "silicon and curves" era to this "skin and bones" era that we are in today. This obsession with weight has gotten extremely out of hand. It has driven women to eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, attempted suicide, and death from both. The truth is that most of these models aren't "perfect" or "blemish free". Photographers can alter photo images and models are even airbrushed to cover up any imperfections. The few that are truly under weight are unhealthy. Some can't even control their eating any longer. This is what the public does not see. The public does not see the struggles that these models are going through trying to stay skinny. Many are near death and some have lost their lives.Remember Tracey Gold from "Growing Pains"? She almost lost her life to anorexia. The stars' battle with weight is not an easy one and it leads the public to believe that it is healthy and a good way to lose weight. Women that are too skinny are at just as big of a disadvantage as women who are severely obese. The obsession with weight is a serious issue in the United States and we can contribute it to the media. If the magazines are looking for a "thin" model, then the models that need jobs are going to try to achieve that acceptable weight. This is where we are going wrong. The entertainment industry feeds on the "thinness" of models and celebrities, yet alters their true identity before it reaches the public through hair, makeup, and computer technology. If the media told the readers that "fat was in", there would be a complete change in weight and eating behaviors. We would have more of the average-sized women on the covers of our magazines and on the sets of movies. Who says that the media should be the one to decide on the image that the "perfect" woman should have? It is nearly impossible to get away from the "skinny" images because they are everywhere: models, magazine covers, movies, television shows, etc. But what we do not realize is that it "can take as many as ten people to make the model look good" ( Want to know why the outfit can fit the model so perfectly, but when someone tries it on it doesn't fit quite the same? Well, according to Andrea, ChickClick managing editor and former employee at a teen magazine, the clothes only fit the models that well because their boobs were taped up and in and the clothes were pulled snug against the body and secured with tape and pins. Then, what they couldn't fix by hand, they fixed on the computers. Why can't I get my hair...

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