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The Obstacle To Live. Clarifies A Lot Of Issues That The International Students Face And Americans Do Not Notice. Refers To The Language Problem

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Education in America is available to everyone,regardless whether a student is U.S.born or an immigrant.This fact opens a huge world of the opportunities in frontof everyone, no matter what nationality and culture youbelong to. For young immigrants, American Education meansthe achievement of the very stair where they can stand as anequal part of the American society they live in and to behelpful for the country they have chosen to be their homeand that gives them such incredible opportunities.Although immigrants to the U.S. come from diversebackgrounds and cultures, almost all of them face similarchallenges on the way to their dreams and goals. Youngimmigrants cannot be equal competitors or equal members ofthe American teams because of the proficiency in Englishthat create all their problems.Every immigrant student has to lead a double life,being suspended between an old and a new home. Every daythey come to the school and enter an American way of lifeand English language; every day they come back home in theirown culture and traditions, speak their mother tongue withtheir families. All of them are put in the limits ofhelplessness and difference. Imperfection in English lacksany practice of this. They are not able to communicate withthe people that are around them now, and therefore cannot becompletely free in their lives.Mastering English is common and the most importantproblem for every immigrant student. Nevertheless, all ofthem are passionate about learning common language becausenow every aspect of their future depends on it. But it takesyears to know English on American level and students differin their abilities to the learning of other languages notonly by their individual...

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