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The Events And Happenings During World War Ii

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The Preparation for the World War II

After the Events of World War I, the battle isn't over yet. The Axis Forces continuously

plans to continue the World War against the Allied Forces by resigning treaties and recruiting

more soldiers. The Allied Forces started spreading several recruiting posters and fliers to get

more troops or soldiers for the upcoming war and same as the Axis Forces.

"The government expected the war to disrupt and threaten the lives of civilians left at

home." (The National Archives)Almost all civilians departed far away from the war zone, but a

few of them refused to go far away and stayed at their own homes.Both the Allied and the Axis

Forces started each of their own different training programs especially from the United States'

Army Specialized Training Program. Every training program consists of over 80,000 soldiers,

but the A.S.T.P. consists of over 200,000 soldiers and some of them came from college. During

the training, some countries started signing treaties, so they could easily have allies and have

peace with them. There were a few countries that tried to sign treaties with the opposing forces,

they might have been a neutral country or they're not fighting against any forces.

Both the Axis and the Allied Forces had their own equipment prepared, but unlike the

first world war, both opposing forces promised that they would improve their equipment in

World War II, so they did. The Germans and the Americans had the nuclear weapons that can

destroy half the world and they would use them as their trump card, but the Germans made it

their planned first wave of attack.The Germans had the most heavy infantry automatic weapons

and the Americans had the most troops to send. Both opposing forces had the same, deadly and

heavy artillery known as the Mortar. Mortars were used by three to four crew members to


operate it properly. Mortars were usually noiseless, but the crew members were required to

cover their ears and duck down for an assure safety in case of misfire. There are other

equipments that uses chemicals like Teargas, V-2 Rockets, Spray Gun, etc.

The Beginning of the World War II

At the beginning of the war, the Germans took over Europe and built several camps to

take care of the prisoners. The Allied Forces planned to invade Europe starting from Italy. "The

push into Italy began in Sicily, but soon made it to the Italian mainland, with landings in the

south." (Taylor, 2011) Then, the Americans invaded Normandy by going through five

Normandy beaches named Juno, Gold, Omaha, Utah, and Sword. Among the five beaches,

Omaha Beach was the bloodiest place to be infiltrated by the Americans, but they had

completely infiltrated the enemy lines. "By the end of the day they were holding onto a small

pocket on the heights of the Pointe, and the Germans were counterattacking." (Drez, 2013)

The war still continued and the other allies of the Germans were...

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