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The Ocean Essay

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Humans have spent billions of dollars, and millions of man hours conducting research of sea life. As technology advances and the ability to stay underwater for longer periods of time become available, new information about sea life and there ecosystems surface. The vast ocean covers more than 70 percent of planet Earth’s surface (NOAA). However researchers and scientists have explored less than five percent of what really lies under water (NOAA). Leaving behind and amazing ninety-five percent left for new information to be found and researched. Sadly the amount of exploration of the ocean is low because the danger that come with researching such a vast ocean. Whether in a scuba unit or a submarine, many different dangers can arise at low and deep depths when studying the ocean floor. Even with these dangers researchers still dive into a new world, and come out with information that could aid humans on the surface. Such as cures to certain poisons created by different species, gaining a food source, and understanding different sea life. Scientists need to go the extra mile and find more information about the ocean at deeper depths and continue research in shallow waters so as to gain more viable facts that could benefit humans on the surface even more.
For thousands of years the ocean has helped species survive. An interesting quote said by John F. Kennedy the 35th president stated; “We all came from the sea. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea whether it is to sail or to watch it-we are going back from whence we came.” (Association) People around the world go through years of education just to understand the plentiful information that the ocean has to offer. Once those new researchers go through the years of college, they go on scientific research trips to find more information about the sea. However they do not just do this for themselves but to better help humanity itself. The day to day process that any civilization goes through happens thank to the ocean. Whether it is by means of transporting supplies or conducing simple expeditions to further humans understanding of sea life, humans on Earth benefit from the ocean in some way or another. Around 90 percent of all international trade is done by ship. (Association). In addition 50 percent of the world population is near coastal shores (Association). These figures show how humans have used the ocean as a major resource. Also the ocean accounts for 20 percent of animal protein consumed by human. (Association) The ocean plays a very specific role in human life. The human ecosystem thrives off of the oceans ecosystem service which thought research provides medicine, clean water, and viable food supple. (Association). As the ocean has created such a fundamental resources for humans, it only makes sense that further research should be conducted so as to keep this flow of food, trade, and ecological system flow in tacked. The sad fact is scientists are on an extremely low...

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