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In the Odessey, Homer has focused on the masculine characters as the most prominent. This is to be expected when one looks at the time period in which he lived, but there are some notable exceptions of some outstanding female characters. This does not mean that women were the focus of the story, they were not. What this means is that there were some surprisingly important female characters that played essential roles within the story. It comes as a surprise that during a time when women played such secondary roles in day to day life, Homer would choose to create such powerful characters as Athena, without whom Odysseus would have perished many times.One example of Athena helping Odysseus throughout his journey back to Ithaca would be her plea to her father, Zeus where she states: …my own heart is broken for Odysseus, the master mind of war, so long a castaway upon an island in the running sea; …But such desire is in him merely to see the hearthsmoke leaping upward from his own island, that he longs to die. Are you not moved by this, Lord of Olympos? Had you no pleasure from Odysseus' offerings beside the Argive ships, on Troy's wide seaboard? O Zeus, what do you hold against him now? Homer, very early in the epic, defines Athena as having a strong role in the story. I believe this passage is a very powerful point in the poem because it demonstrates strength in a female character. I think her question "What do you hold against him now?" proves how she will stand up to her father and challenges his authority as lord of the gods.During Homer's lifetime, a woman's primary role was that of a mother and housewife. Men gave orders to women and they obeyed. Right or wrong, this was the way of the world, yet Homer has defined female characters as also displaying strength and power through motherhood. It seems to me that this was not a true characteristic of life during his time. Why then would Homer pay tribute to motherhood? I believe that, to an extent, Homer had respect for women and believed that women's roles as mothers and housewives was very important. This becomes evident when Homer dedicates part of book XI to describing a parade of women in Hades. He describes how significant their roles were in contributing to all the heroic men in their time. The following are just two examples of his description of their importance in the poem.…I say Antiope, daughter of Asopos. She too could boast a god for lover, having lain with Zeus and borne two sons to him: Amphion and Zethos, who founded Thebes, the upper city, and built the ancient citadel. They sheltered no life upon that plain, for all their power, without a fortress wall.…Amphitrion's true wife, Alkmene, mother, as all men know, of lionish Herakles, conceived when she lay close in Zeus's arms; and Magare, high-hearted Kreon's daughter, wife of Amphition's unwearying son. (11. 305-9) In these passages, Homer's specific detail of the mothers in Hades portray to the reader...

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