The Odyssey. This Essay Deals With How The Film, The Odyssey, Shows The Desirable And Undesirable Aspects Of Human Nature.

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The OdysseyThe Odyssey is a film that contains many desirable and undesirable parts of the world and life that are well depicted. The film is very clear about which aspects are pleasant and which are unwanted. Odysseus and his men undergo many hardships but there are traits displayed that are decent as well as those that are not. The film does well in portraying all of these with the use of proper emotions and effective scenes.There are many items in The Odyssey, which suggest desirable aspects of human nature. The main one would be family. Odysseus treasures his family as much as life itself. He tries everything in his power to return to them. He risks his life to go into the Underworld to find out how to return to them as quickly as he can. Another item proven desirable by the film is food. The food on the island of Ithaca is plentiful and when Odysseus and his men leave, the pine for it. Teamwork is an idea that is used in the film, with desirable outcomes. In the cave of Polyphemus the whole crew works together to sharpen the log into a point. They then heave it up to blind Polyphemus. If they had not worked together, this would have been unachievable. Being cunning and wise are two traits that worked for the better of the crew on the film. With Odysseus thinking ahead and putting Polyphemus to sleep instead of attacking him, most of his crew was able to escape safely.The Odyssey also includes items, which are quite undesirable. One of which is being away from ones family. Odysseus constantly wants to be back home on his island of Ithaca with his wife and child. He attempts many feats to be able to return to them. For example, he travels to many islands in search of a way home. He ends up going to Hades and must then pass through many dangerous obstacles to reach his home. He goes up against the gods to reach Ithaca. The death of a family member is extremely displeasing for Odysseus. When he sees the ghost of his mother in Hades, he is heartbroken. Home invaders are also proven to be detrimental in this film. Nowadays, the same...

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1101 words - 4 pages use of clever trickery and deceit throughout the epic is proof that the ancients could be just as deceiving as modern people in order to get what they wanted.To conclude, modern people remain bound to the ancients by simple human nature. This is what makes The Odyssey relevant after so many hundreds of years. The fundamental elements of what makes us human will never change. Although culture may change radically over time, humanity will always remain constant. Love, greed, and deceit are only a few of the many traits that we share with ancient peoples. Although many modern humans are likely to think that they are different than the ancients, we truly are the same.

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762 words - 3 pages toward the king of Uruk. As a loyal, cunning and caring person, it’s not surprising that the wife of the master mariner was represented as an ideal woman for her time. Lastly, “The Odyssey” presents us with one of the most virtuous women in Greek mythology: Athena. As the goddess of wisdom and battle, Pallas Athena is said to have the rational mind of a man within the body of a woman. It is no surprise that she shows fondness for Odysseus, helping

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572 words - 2 pages "Procrastinating Penelope" In the beginning of the Odyssey, Penelope and Telemakhos are waiting for the homecoming of Odysseus. Odysseus has been gone for many years at Troy and his family is awaiting his return home, concept of nustros. At this time it seems rather unusual for them to still have any kind of hope on his return because it has been so long. In particular, Penelope is awaiting Odysseus' return although there is not much hope

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2323 words - 9 pages says, "Keep Ithaca always in mind. Arriving there is what you're destined for. But don't hurry the journey at all. Better if it goes on for years so you're old by the time you reach the island, wealthy with all you've gained on the way..." (948) This shows how Ithaca is something of a dream to Odysseus and his crew. They want to get there but at the beginning of the story, they don't see how they can.Another dominant archetype in The Odyssey is

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728 words - 3 pages . In the relationship between Odysseus and Kalypso, Odysseus is very inferior to the goddess. He is held on an island for many years serving Kalypso with whatever she demands. Kalypso wants a person whom she can experience companionship with and a person to lay beside her each night. Odysseus obliges even though he claims he is under some sort of trance. This trance or spell he is under is another example of how Kalypso has control over him. This

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860 words - 3 pages , the sea. Yet another weakness of Odysseus is his enjoyment of women. In fact, Odysseus stays with Circe for one year before his men remind him of home. He also lives with Calypso for seven years before leaving for Ithaca.In conclusion, love is a major emotional theme and it is seen often in the Odyssey. It plays an important role in everyone's lives even though it comes and goes. It is also not hard to see how happiness relies on love. It

the odyssey

920 words - 4 pages almost as an equal and shares an enjoyable relationship with him. The power from Athena was used for a good cause and it shows how responsible women can be with authority. Athena was not an obstacle but more of the guardian of Odysseus who led him home. A third character that delays Odysseus' journey home is Nausicaa. She is the daughter of the royal family of Phaeacia. Nausicaa offers Odysseus the opportunity for an “innocent and honorable

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