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The Of Volume And Concentration In The Body Fluids Of Earthworms Leyte Normal University Research Paper

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Republic of the Philippines
Tacloban City
“The of volume and concentration in the body fluids of earthworms”
Joesyl Vince I. Devio
Caryl Antonette E. Lacanaria
Lyn de lou O. Ortega
Earthworms are more than just bait they are the main contributors in enriching and improving the soil for plants. Earthworms are a tube-shaped, segmented worm found in the phylum Annelida. Earthworms are commonly found living in soil, feeding on live and dead organic matter. An earthworm's digestive system runs through the length of its body. It conducts respiration through its skin. It has a double transport system composed of coelomic fluid that moves within the fluid-filled coelom and a simple, closed blood circulatory system.
Undoubtedly the major chemical component of the earthworm body, as that of any animal body, is water. The amount of water present in the earthworm has been variously estimated at 81-3% (Durchon and Lafon, 1951), 84-1% (Schmidt, 1927), 84-8% (Roots, 1956) and 88-0% (Jackson, 1926) of the entire body weight. This water is distributed in the coelom, blood vascular system and the tissues themselves. In both terrestrial and fresh-water oligochaetes the proportion of body water is always subject to change, often rapid, due in the main to desiccation in the land forms, flooding under osmotic stress in the fresh-water types, and the secretion of mucus by both classes.
Now, we will define and know what tonicity is and how does tonicity affect the body fluid of an organism like the earthworm. Tonicity is the ability of an extracellular solution to make water move into or out of a cell by osmosis. A solution's tonicity is related to its osmolarity, which is the total concentration of all solutes in the solution. A solution with low osmolarity has fewer solute particles per liter of solution, while a solution with high osmolarity has more solute particles per liter of solution. When solutions of different osmolarities are separated by a membrane permeable to water, but not to solute, water will move from the side with lower osmolarity to the side with higher osmolarity.
So, how will the tonicity of different solutions affect earthworms? Regarding on our hypothesis, the earthworm will react on different solutions by increasing its size in a hypotonic solution, decreasing its size in a hypertonic solution and maintaining its size in an isotonic solution. To support our hypothesis and having knowledge on these different terms classifying a solution, we will conduct an experiment on earthworms and how will the osmolarity of these solutions affect earthworms. We will try to compare the result of our experimentation from our hypothesis and we will also identify each earthworm from the different solutions because we have some variables to consider. We are hoping that the outcome of our research would be satisfying and enough to answer our problem.
· To get started with our experiment, we gathered the materials...

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