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The Old And T He New Essay

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All the events and trends that have recently taken place in China are leading to one of the most diverse leadership groups in China. The fifth generation leadership is the most diverse group of leaders china has ever seen. Mixing of education from foreign institutes and domestic bring diverging ideas together. Ideas that could change the way of life for the Chinese people. Such as their views on their economic policy. A prime example of this is the polar contrast of mainland china versus Hong Kong. This comparison of socialism versus capitalism. The fifth generation would be considered the polar opposites of Mao Zedong and the first generation leadership. The first generation was dominated ...view middle of the document...

However, the emerging generation of Chinese political elites is going to find this task more difficult than their predecessors did. The fifth generation is the most diverse elite generation in terms of the members’ class backgrounds, educational backgrounds, career paths, and political associations. These differences are a source of tension and conflict. Especially since the first through the fourth generations were largely homogeneous in terms of sociological and professional backgrounds. The first and second generations were peasants and soldiers turned Communist veterans. While the third and fourth generations were engineers turned technocrats. A technocrat is a person with an educational and professional background as an engineer or a natural scientist. This is contrary to other countries when the politicians are usually lawyers. A comparison between the fourth generation and the fifth shows a decline of the technocrats’ dominance within the leadership of the Chinese government. The power of the technocrats in the Chinese government is coming to an end. The percentages of technocrats serving as ministers, secretaries, and governors have declined from 41% to 26%. The number of technocrats in the PB dropped from 75% to 40%. Instead, there is the rise of leaders trained in economics, social sciences, and law in the past decade. A degree in law or politics has become a valuable credential for aspiring political leaders that want to make an impact on the Chinese political system. This apparent with the numbers of lawyers growing over the years. The number of registered lawyers in China has significantly increased.” In the early 1980s, there were only 3,000 lawyers in a country of over one billion people. In the early 1990s, China had approximately 40,000 lawyers. By 2004, China had a total of 11,691 registered law firms, and some 114,000 lawyers.”(Li) The age of lawyers is taking over the leadership and this is becoming apparent or is apparent with the numbers that are being shown. Complete idea!!
The main reason why this emerging diversity took place was because of the foreign educated returnees to the country. Deng Xiaoping sent one million Chinese nationalist students to study aboard. This was a monumental decision to send students to study aboard since China taught of themselves as a cut above the rest of the world. Unfortunately, only ⅓ decided to return back to China. The fifth generation of leadership became a distinct presence in the country even with low numbers. Returnees recruited by the leadership usually served in functional areas of the country such as education, science, technology, foreign trade, and also foreign affairs. While the returnees were better educated than those domestically, they were held at a disadvantage when pitted against the domestically educated students. They weren’t allowed to broaden their influence, while the domestically educated leaders were able to grow and become much more powerful as they advanced...

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