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The Old Folks Home “De Humanizer” Essay

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As we grow older and older parts of us as humans start to deteriorate. For example we may start forgetting simple things like the names of family member. Our hair turns gray we have a harder time hearing, a difficult time seeing, getting around and even doing the things which used to be easy in our daily lives. We’re stripped of basically everything we used to be before and suddenly society doesn’t see us the same anymore. Even our families don’t and when they finally decide that maybe it’s a better idea to just put elders in a old folks home because that specific elder can’t take care of themselves properly anymore. Honestly this seems like an excuse to me because that family could just as easily take that family member into their own hands and take care of them themselves. In the past there was no such thing as old folks homes and elders were indeed taken care of by their younger family member, but we as nation even world wide have strayed from that way of life. It’s easier to just let someone else take care of them that way we no longer have to worry. It is definitely most likely not a very easy transition for that elder they went from being able to control every aspect of their life to having absolutely no control which is wrong. They are in fact human beings just like the rest of us and should be able to experience personal rights such as freedom to choose their way of life. Elders across the United States are forces into old folks homes by their family it is wrong for them to be sent there it strips personal choice and de-humanizes them there should be an alternative.

To begin now matter how old we are as human beings we should all have personal choices and old folks homes strip those elders of any personal choice. These elders just like the rest of us grew up under parental control when they finally turned of age they were out on their own and their whole lives changed. They finally had their own personal choice from here on out. When they got to a certain age things weren’t as easy for them to do anymore. So right away a family sees that and decides that it’s better to just put them in a nursing home where suddenly they no longer have any personal choice. They are stripped of every single thing they were allowed from the time they turned eighteen years of age up until now. For all those years they chose what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it we all should be able to have personal choice. And now they no longer have any say in anything just because their old. It makes no sense and it’s definitely very wrong. It can also be a very depressing and side time for these individuals. They can no longer enjoy every day life; they don’t have a choice of where to live to begin with. Or who they want to be around, what they’d like to wear that day or what they’d even like to eat. They can no longer spend money on things they enjoy personally unless that certain old folks home approves of it. Their money is stripped from their very...

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