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The Old Man Essay

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As I walk through the chilly, lonely city of Memphis I decided to take a shortcut back to my hotel. Taking a sharp left turn, I headed down an alleyway, which looked very dark and ominous. A mist was slowly coming up from the ground, it had a orangish tint from the reflection of the lone, dim gleaming light, it looked as if were about to burn out. The only sounds of the evening were from a stray cat who dawdled near a dumpster looking for leftovers. The air was very bitter it pierced my body like a thousand nettles all at once.

Somewhere in the darkness we sensed movement. As I moved closer, nervousness and fear set in. One of the first things I noticed about him was his clothing. The old ...view middle of the document...

I was very afraid of him. I had never seen anyone sit so still in such conditions. It was almost as if he was stuck in time. I feared he wasn’t even breathing anymore. The whole situation was like a scary movie, something scary or unexpected was bound to happen. The only thing that was missing was scary music playing in the background.

Smeared above his head was a discolored liquid, that looked as though it was in the shape of a square. It was blood but I had no idea whatsoever who it could belong to. Did the old man do this to someone or was it himself? When I saw this blood, I thought to myself “am I next? Am I going to become his next casualty?” Fear began to sink in. So many thoughts were running through my brain at that point. I had quite a few options; turn the other way and sprint as fast as I could, try talking with him or just keep walking and pretend like I didn’t see him. Seeing as he hadn’t moved an inch since I got there, I began to debate if he had even seen me.

To the left of the old man was a wooden ladder, which lead up to a cracked window. There were drops of water falling softly and steadily from the pane, all running over the yellow and black gang logo which was sprayed in paint on the wall. On the ground, just under the logo was an empty spray can, which was probably left there by the vandals.

Taking a few more steps towards the the man, the strong scents of alcohol and burning hit my nose. It was then when I saw an empty bottle of whiskey and a pile of cigarettes buds in a pile beside him. In the moonlight I could see a long gash going down the side of his face, which was still fresh with a small amount of blood running down his face. I thought to myself maybe this is where the blood on the wall came from.

I decided to keep walking down the alleyway; trying to keep the old man out of my mind. I tried to walk with as much confidence as I could, but even seeing my own shadow made me jump. Every noise that I heard would make me lose my breath or have my heart beating at a hundred...

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