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The Old Men Are Related Essay

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Sariah Durrant
The Old Men Are Related
Comparisons Between Two Short Stories
Many intricate and renowned stories have been told over the history of humankind. Few have been linked and related to each other in the strangest of ways. Many people have critiqued and compared every last tantalizing detail in all of the stories and ripped them to their very meaning. When finding two stories that are very similar, you have to dip deep into their meanings and you have to find every single difference you can to bring the stories alive. The time and the place and the characters behaviors within their cultures are all extremely important factors. In the two stories The Man to Send Rain Clouds and The ...view middle of the document...

This also allows the characters to easily be developed without any complications and confusions. In the first story, instead of freaking out about the dead man, they are excited because, somehow, the death of that man will bring rain to a desperate land. In the second story, when the driver of the cab is possessed, the main character panics for a moment, and then handles it all with expertise and knowledge, which is far more normal behavior. The characters easily tie the stories together with their strange behavior and unnatural emotions as well as their missing backgrounds. The characters may be one of the most important contributors to the connections between the two stories.
Lastly, the most distinct connection between the two short stories would be the way that they are written. They both have very vague storylines and they both have very eerie feelings around them. They both seem to have been written to intrigue the reader and have them use their own life experiences and personal opinions to view the stories in completely different ways. This makes these stories so very interesting and different from everybody else’s...

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