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Picture this, in the late sixteenth century a small group of individuals led by Jakob Ammann broke away from the Swiss Mennonites (as stated in Amish 101 - Amish Beliefs, Culture & Lifestyle, By Albrecht Powell) and traveled thousands of miles from Europe to America to start their own communities and practice their own religion. Sounds kind of scary moving that far away from home, but that small group of Anabaptist's was more than ready for the long journey that awaited them. The reason they broke away was mainly because of the lack of punishment also known as shunning, this is when a member is disowned by the family and the members in the community because of extreme disobedience. This ...view middle of the document...

” The Ordnung consists of district-specific regulations, The regulations apply the biblical principle of “separation from the world” to things such as clothing, the use of mass media, technology, and leisure activities. The regulations give both appropriate and inappropriate behavior, along with the punishments that come with inappropriate behavior the most extreme punishment as I said earlier is shunning. Once a member of the district has been shunned it can not longer come back to the disrtict or communicate with anyone from that community, not even their own family. According to Hair cutting is also a form of punishment for seriouse crimes that don't involve shunning. Because getting a hair cut is not allowed in the Amish culture it is seen as an embarassment to have a hair cut, so the church leader will use hair cuttings to get his point across about rules that shouldn't be broken but aren't serious enough for shunning. The Old Order Amish Ordnung forbids the use of electricity which includes; owning a television, radio, or personal computer, also owning an vechicle, attending high school or college, joining the military, and initiating divorce is forbiden. The Amish must attend church on every Sunday and all other church services that might be planned, if they don't come then the Bishop ( The church leader) will personaly come to their house and question them about why they didn't attend the church service.
All Amish communities expect men and women to wear the desired clothing of the church. Belts, gloves, ties, sneakers are banned! The Amish have a very simplistic dress style. Their clothes are handmade and are usually of a dark fabric. Coats and vests are fastened with hooks and pins but shirts have buttons (it is a myth that the Amish shun buttons). Men’s pants must not have creases or cuffs. Women are expected to wear a head covering and usually a three-piece dress that includes a cape and an apron. When an Amish couple get married the traditional color of her gown is blue unlike the traditional American color of a white wedding dress. Married men are expected to grow a beard but not a mustache because the Amish don't wear jewlery they have to use different methods to show that they are married. The Amish men also have to wear an Amish-style hat and vest. Unlike the broader American culture, where clothing is often used to express personal preferences, dress among the Amish shows submission to the collective order and serves as a public symbol of group identity.
In America today the Amish population has grew to nearly a quarter of a million and over two-thousand church districts. According to “there are eight-thousand five hundred Amish people living in Kentucky today”. The most populated state for the Amish to live in is Ohio followed closely by Pennsylvania and Indiana; over eighty- percent of the Amish population lives in those three states. The Amish Population has grown so rapidly due to...

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1692 words - 7 pages ). Retrieved on August 24, 2009, from, B. (2008). The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco introduces giveback getaways enabling guests to help preserve Alcatraz island. Retrieved August 23, 2009 from, M. (1996, July-August). Teaching about another culture: The Old Order Amish. The Social Studies, 87(161), 3. Retrieved on

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