The Olympic Committee's Advertising Assiduity Essay

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The United States Olympic committee has the dual duty of both raising money through advertising and keeping their reputation clean. Many sponsors would jump at a chance to incorporate the Olympic rings into its' product line. Yet if this logo were used often and not monitored closely there would be advertisements that would tarnish the emblem. While some Americans may love to see the emblem muddied and bloodied at the bottom of mud wrestling arena, most Americans would not. To allow such a situation to happen would cheapen the logo and anger many Americans. To ensure that the logo, so closely equated to the Olympians themselves, remains a source of American pride and a valuable asset for raising money to train the United States Olympic Team, careful sponsor selection and regulation must occur. To obtain high dollar contracts for such highly regarded and regulated logo usage requires well developed skills in persuasion (and is also referred to as sales). Where most companies would allow sponsors use of their logo in advertisement, the United States Olympic committee plays an active role in developing the campaign that uses their logo and exerts influence on specific use of the Olympic emblem. To convince large powerful organizations that the use of the Olympic emblem is a worthy investment, despite its regulations, requires preparation and the presentation of motivational factors.
Preparation is usually listed as a key ingredient when citing the equation for a successful sales call. Stevens lists preparation as the first and “most important” (Secrets of Sales Success, p. 12) criteria for a salesperson. By preparing the sales professional is able to strategize effectively; an understanding of the organization one is dealing with enables a knowledgeable game-plan to be formulated. Having working knowledge of the company in question also gives the salesperson an indication of the information they do not know so they can formulate a method to obtain this information (Stevens, 2007). With this in mind Lynne Cribari, the manager of Olympic Corporate Participation, must have extensive research on all of her potential corporate sponsors before she reaches out to them.
“A baseline of trust must exist in order to effectively persuade people to accept a different point of view …. People need to be informed and engaged.” say Susan Hoff, senior VP of Best Buy (as cited in O'Rourke, 2011, p. 154.) To effectively persuade organizations to become sponsors Cribari must prepare herself before communicating with potential sponsors. An in- depth knowledge of potential sponsors will enable Cribari to be aware of the potential sponsor's usual advertising methods, historical relationships with sponsors and level of input from sponsors. Displaying a knowledge of the potential corporate sponsor and the particular representative she is meeting with will also set a base on which trust can be built. By knowing what the sponsors expect she...

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