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The Olympic Games And Media Coverage

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A very popular and large sporting event that receives an extremely high volume of national media coverage is the Olympic Games. For a number of years, major stations like NBC has provided audiences with an around the clock coverage of the Games. Many other major medias similar to NBC have also done the same by devoted sections solely to the Olympic Games. The Olympics is a time where citizens come together to root for their home country, strengthening their sense of nationalism and pride and cheering for their home athletes to come out victoriously and the country as a powerhouse of the world. Organically, the games give off a sense of war like mentality because countries are competing against each other for the prize, the gold metal. As a competitive college athlete, I can relate to the feeling of pride and nationalism one get before and especially after competing and beating an opponent.
By using critical discourse analysis, I will explore how the media coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics provides its viewers from their home country with a sense of nationalism and pride through the emphasize of physical fitness and athleticism. In additional to that, I will also draw from the Spartans millenarian mentality that also emphasized physical excellence from a young age for competitive purposes. I gather information by reading article of the Sochi Olympics from The New York Times and the NBC network as well as comparing them with Russian newspaper such as The Moscow Times and the Rossiyskaya Gazeta to see what type of strategies and themes are used by both country in conveying nationalism and fitness to their viewers.
As I mentioned above I have been currently reading American articles from The New York Times and the NBC network website along with Russian articles from The Moscow Times and the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper. I chose to do this in order to see the similarities and differences with the way media conveys its viewers with a sense of nationalism, pride, and to explore if any emphasize is made on physical fitness and or athleticism.
For example the The New York Times wrote an article that spoke largely in regards to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremonies. Herszenhorn, the author of this New York Times article was very critical and opinionated about Russia as a nation overall. The author mentioned the opening ceremonies as without a doubt an “over- the- top ceremony” used by the Russian’s as a statement to the world that they are powerful and unstoppable even with criticism from many of a slowed down economy. With this comment we can first, get a sense of the disapproval the Unites States has for Russia and secondly, this statement enforces that idea that through this “over-the-top” ceremony, Russia is creating a sense of nationalism and pride for their people, but also letting the world know that they are still a powerhouse of the world. The fact that they used the opening ceremony to convey this...

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