The On To Ottawa Struggle Essay

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The On to Ottawa Trek was a long and difficult journey for many of the Relief camp men that were looking to gain better working conditions and to fight for their rights. Due to the trek Bennett was discredited and lost over 90 seats leading to his downfall in the voting of 1935. The people without homes were sent to Relief camps to cultivate, due to the horrible working conditions the inmates of the relief camps created the RCWU (relief camp workers union) to protest their rights and receive reasonable treatment.The protesters had no proper means of transportation to get to Ottawa so they had to result to riding the rails. During their journey they encountered the RCMP, which under the ...view middle of the document...

The Trekkers had to travel a distance of about 4000 kilometers. This showed the commitment the workers had to getting their rights back. The long distance was not the only problem they faced, Bennett did not like what the trekkers were doing so he ordered the RCMP to not let any supporters of the trek pass through Regina. According to Bennett's orders the RCMP were not allowed to let the trekkers pass, but since the trekkers could not go back because they had traveled a huge distance already and their efforts would have gone to waste had they given up. This lead to the Regina riot, as the RCMP decided to use force to remove the protesters many were injured and one of the protesters even died. The town in which the riot took placed suffered from thousands of dollars lost in property damage. The actions Bennett took to stop the peaceful protest showed Canadian all over Canada that Bennett was not fit to hold the prime minister seat and so he was overthrown in the voting of 1935. The trekkers could not continue their journey past Regina but, they gained many things from this trip. They opened many people's eyes to the injustice that was going on in Canada and it eventually took Bennett out of power. The camps were taken down and replaced with better paying camps.
The horrible working conditions and pay that the relief camp workers were put through made workers in B.C take a long and tiresome journey across Canada...

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