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The One Day Battle Of Hastings Essay

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The one-day battle was a battle that changed the cores of history ( Even though The Battle of Hastings was a one-day battle there was still a lot that went on ( Throughout the entire one-day battle there was a lot of casualties and upsets (
To start off you will be learning about William the conqueror’s background ( William was eight years of age when he became the heir to the thrown ( William was the son of Robert I, duke of Normandy, his mistress Herleva (they called her Arletta), A tanner’s daughter from the town of Falaise (
The duke designated William as his heir to the thrown. ( William was of Viking origin ( ...view middle of the document...

We don’t know what happened in the battle exactly ("The Battle of Hastings). We know that the battle started at 9:00 in the morning ("The Battle of Hastings"). On, September 28,1066, William landed on Britain’s Southeast coast, with thousands of troops and Calvary ("The Battle of Hastings."). Seizing Pevensey, they then marched to Hastings, where he paused to organize his forces ("The Battle of Hastings.").
“The Normans could only fight up Senlac as there was heavy marsh land on either side of the hill” There for, Harold could use his fire power on a certain part of the land knowing the Normans would have to take this pass (What Happened at the). “The Normans charged up the hill suffering many casualties as English arrows showered down on them” “The battle lasted six hours”(What Happened at the).
At first the Normans were unable to pierce through the massed ranks of the English infantry (What Happened at the). For six-hours it seamed like the English would win (What Happened at the). The Normans charged again and again, but they couldn’t break the Saxon shield wall so they had to go back down the hill (What Happened at the). “Then the Saxons made a fatal mistake (What Happened at the).” Some of the Saxons broke the shield wall to chase after the Normans (What Happened at the). The Normans Calvary rode among the English, hacking them down...

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