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The One Hit Narrator Essay

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Sitting, watching, waiting, for the opportune moment to sneak in and end a life. Are you scared yet? This treacherous story, the "Tell-Tale Heart", by Edgar Allen Poe, follows a devious maniac through his journey with a murder. This all involves floorboards, an evil eye, and a crazed gentleman. The narrator is quite the homicidal genius because of his dreadfully creepy personality, intelligence, and his psychotic ways.Obviously, Mr. Narrator is creepy for the fact he can watch a man sleep for hours upon hours of a night. "Every night, about midnight, I would turn the latch of his door and open it-oh so gently". So the narrator clearly has no problem at all treating this man as if he were a vegetable, chopping him up into bite sized pieces and all. "First of all I dismembered the corpse", as he said. I must say, I have caught myself talking to no one quite a number of times, but I still find it somewhat odd to see a man, talk to himself as much as our dear narrator does. I'm sure you're getting chills just thinking of him.Even though our dear narrator gives us all the creeps, he's quite the thinker. He cleverly blueprinted out how he would do everything for the next week leading up to the grand faunally of the old mans life. He went through it just as planed, "every night, just at twelve, I looked in upon him while he slept". Though this would be the part of his plan to fail, he knew the exact words he would utter to the police. "The...

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