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The Ones You Love Essay

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DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PRAXIS CENTER MEETING MEETING NOTES January 14, 2002 2:00 pm Grant Activity · In order to maintain Praxis center during summer months the Praxis Center faculty and staff must supplement federal funds for grants.· Praxis Center faculty & staff: Please search for grants in order to maintain summer employment or hold workshops during summer months.· Look at where to find grant opportunities online: Federal/ State/ Private Corporation websites.Department Update · Performance Contract for faculty must be turned in week of 7/14/02 Faculty Search · Next Academic year (2002-2003) the Education Department will be looking for two faculty positions. The candidates for each position must hold a PhD in their related field. The faculty positions will need to be filled in the following areas: · Special Education · Secondary Math & Science Department Database · The Department of Education is in the process of developing a student database which will store data on both undergraduate and graduate students.· The database will be maintained by Ms. Kimberly Griggs.· Database submission will be by: · Burbanck: Praxis Center Coordinator · Savage: Graduate Programs · Joyner: Admissions and Pre-registration · White: Undergraduate and Student Teaching Praxis Center Database · The Praxis Center will be maintaining its own database. This database will keep information specific to the Praxis Test.· The Praxis Center's student database will be maintained by Mrs. Burbanck.· Data submission for the Praxis Center student database will be by Ms. Griggs.Departmental Handbook · The Education Department will now collectively organize a new departmental handbook, which will be given to every student entering the department. The handbook will include all pertinent information from when a student first enters the department to when they graduate. The handbook will be complied by the following education coordinators: · Dr. Pierce, Technology Coordinator · Mrs. Burbanck, Praxis Center Director · Dr. Williams, Graduate Coordinator · Dr. Ford, Counseling Coordinator · Dr. Smith, Student Teacher Coordinator · Dr. Mitchell, Chair Orientation Week · Student orientation week will be held during the week of 9/14/02- 9/18/02 in McGrew Towers Conference Center, Room C & D. The Praxis Center Faculty will be encouraged to attend all scheduled conferences.· On Wednesday, January 26, 2002 the Praxis Center faculty will be scheduled to appear and speak from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.· On Friday at 4:00 pm there will be a student teacher/ intern reception held in McGrew Towers.Career Fair · The annual career fair will be held on March 20, 2002 at Hampton University's Museum. There will be more than 300 students in attendance searching for teaching positions with various school...

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Do you feel that 'Wuthering Heights' celebrates the perfect love between Catherine and Heathcliff or do you see their love as deeply flawed?

1351 words - 5 pages questions Catherine about her love for both men; this is how her true feelings are exposed. The language Brontë uses shows the intensity of Catherine’s feelings for Heathcliff.In chapter 11, Heathcliff is presented as sadistic to those beneath him, as he reveals to Catherine how she has ill-treated him and how he plans his vengeance on Edgar. ‘“You are welcome to torture me to death for your amusement, only, allow me to amuse

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660 words - 3 pages is by its nature slightly on edge and mischievous, and this tongue-in-cheek style is further emphasised towards the end with the aside “multos dabit” (and she will give you many [new friends]) when Ovid refers to the benefits of adultery. No doubt this poem is risky: it perhaps suggests that love (of which, in this case, adultery is a synonym), is risky itself. However, as we embark onto Amores 3.5, Ovid changes his tone once again. His poem

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2399 words - 10 pages plea for help from an unknown man. He calls out in forlorn, stating that while he “never needed anybody's help in any way/… now these days are gone.” In the next song titled “The Night Before,” the man reveals that the loss of his woman’s love causes his pain: “Love was in your eyes, ah, the night before / Now today I find you have changed your mind.” Again, the man begs for a return to the old ways when unrequited love did not exist

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824 words - 4 pages I like to write. As a matter of fact, I love to write. I have kept a diary since I was twelve, written and submitted articles to local magazines (none of which have ever been published), even written a book that I plan to publish electronically one of these days. You would think that with writing being such an important part of my life, I would be pursuing a degree in English and a professional writing career. Yet, with the advice of my family

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759 words - 3 pages Like all great stories throughout time, a compelling villain is the key to making a story worthwhile. In short stories like, “Where have you been, where are you going,” and, “Love in LA,” a though provoking antagonist was used by the authors to really give the stories some depth. The antagonist of, “Where have you been…”Arnold Friend takes on the persona of temptation to the protagonist Connie and really emphasizes the theme of be careful what

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