The Internet And It's Future Essay

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The Internet and it's FutureAn easier way of life is on it's way. It will allow more tasksto be accomplished in less time. The internet is constantlychanging for the better and will soon be the world's most usefulcommunication tool, educational resource and entertainmentcentre. It will be accessible by anyone, anywhere. It will beneeded in order to accomplish ordinary everyday tasks. Newtechnologies will make it a powerful and useful tool. The internetwill soon link the whole world together.Everyday it is becoming easier to become connected to theinternet. There are 'all in one' software packages, which can beinstalled onto any computer and have it connected to the internetwithin minutes. You can also go to Cafes, outlets and computerstores that allow customers to 'surf' the internet from their store.A person pays a flat rate and has access to a very fast connectionand assistance that is never further than a shout away. All that isneeded is a computer, a modem, and a phone line. There aremany advertisements in newspapers and on television whichallow you to be connected with one phone call to the ISP(Internet Service Provider). Even well known companies such asMicrosoft and Bell Canada have started to provide internetaccess, this is good because people can trust these companies andcan expect top notch quality.Many people will have no choice but to connect to theinternet. In order to complete everyday tasks, you will have to beonline. All banking services will soon be performed online,programmers and bankers are working on ways to revolutionizeour daily habit of spending money. These people hope that wewill soon be submitting electronic payments over the internetrather than dropping coins into a pay phone or using your creditcard at a gas station. Currently, if you were to apply for a car loanover the internet, you would have to wait hours or even daysbefore you even get a reply from the car dealer. However, under anew system called AutoConnect, you won't have to wait fordealers. Special software will analyze your application, grab yourcredit report from a database and automatically tell you if you'vebeen approved. Four thousand dealers are expected to have theAutoConnect system available to it's customers. Research issomething that the...

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