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The Internet And How Society Consumes Media

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Currently our society is in the midst of a media shift. Although there is still a need for traditional media, online media is finding its place in consumers needs. It’s important for professionals in the journalism industry to take note and understand the direction this change is taking.
Gaskins and Jerit (2012) contributed their research on this topic and introduce it by sharing, “these findings have important implications for researchers and industry executives who seek to understand the changing nature of the media environment and its effects on the mass public” (p. 191).
The purpose of this paper is to be a starting point to the understanding of this changing nature. By answering the following questions, we are able to see the direction of Internet news and how it will affect the media consumer.
What times of media will address the needs of these information consumers in the future if traditional media outlets disappear?
The Internet has changed the way our society functions on multiple levels. This includes the way our society consumes media going from traditional media to online media. There are a few types of media that have been considered to take place the traditional print news. In a study conducted by Natalya Krasnoboka (2002), he explains online media as being a copy of the offline traditional media original. The study continues to break down which online medias are becoming predominate. Some of the main traditional media replacements include, online papers, news sites, analytical journals, Internet portals and online forums (Krasnoboka, 2002).
Of all the replacements, online papers are most like original traditional media. One benefit of an online paper is the dialogue that can take through comments. It can also reach more viewers because they can share it with one another. According to the study mentioned there are two main differences between online paper and news sites. Krasnoboka explains the news sites differences by saying, “they publish updated news even more frequently than online papers do (every hour on average)” (2002, p. 495). He also explains how news sites have limits and produce brief news (Krasnoboka, 2002).
Internet portals and online forums are both replacements that are also used frequently. Internet portals can be looked at as a central place where various news sources are gathered and shared (Krasnoboka, 2002), Examples of Internet portals are networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites.
Online forums build community where likeminded individuals can share ideas and media. Most online papers encourage discussion and comments but online forums will still find their place in online media focusing on specific areas such as politics, health and other interests.

What standards will be used to assure fair and accurate information will be shared?
The basic elements of news ethics holds true to both online and traditional media. The two main standards necessary for any media...

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