The Online Battle: Cyber Bullying Essay

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Everyday millions of kids are bullied online; they are teased and called names that most people wouldn’t have the courage to say face to face. Cyber bullying is a very big deal, especially in our country considering how advanced we are in technology. Kids worldwide get cyber bullied every day, and can never escape it; it may affect you in ways unspeakable and actually is quite frightening. Cyber bullying can be hard to deal with, but it is even harder to prevent.
“The use of electronic communication to bully a person typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature” (What is Cyber Bullying). This is cyber bullying. Even though it is generally messaging of threats or profane words, cyber bullying can also be posting embarrassing or revealing photos for anyone to see, or maybe it is sending a text, or possibly getting a whole group of people to get on a media website and post lies or secrets about a person embarrassing them. Cyber bullying generally happens in the adolescent and teen years(What is Cyber Bullying). It is easy to do. It is easy because no one is there to watch, or to prevent, no one is in charge of what is said and done. Teenagers are able to hide behind a keyboard keeping themselves safe from any real life violence, but are still able to hurt others.
Statistics show that cyber bullying is a huge problem among teenagers. Over fifty percent of teens are or have been cyber bullied, one out of every three are cyber bullied from online threats, one out of every ten have had humiliating or revealing photos of themselves posted online, and one out of every five have sent revealing or embarrassing photos to others out of peer pressure and been harassed it (Cyber Bullying and Social Bullying). Females tend to be more intrigued by cyber bullying and involved as the offender and the victim than males (What is Cyber Bullying). Generally when males are involved in cyber bullying it is to pressure girls into sending them sexual or revealing photos and threatening to expose them once they do (What is Cyber Bullying).
Cyber bullying brings to...

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