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The Online Home Sharing Solution To American Foreclosure

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The American foreclosure crisis is becoming more serious by the day. According to News America Media, “In November, there was a 56 percent increase in foreclosure notices sent out to homeowners compared to last year” (Fuentes).Families are being forced out of their homes, which strains marriages and begins to dissolve the American family structure. While the situation appears dire, hope is not completely lost. It is vital that we do not wallow in self-pity, but press on to find new, creative solutions to our problems. We must also be sure to employ all of our resources, especially those that may not have been available in the past.
Technology has revolutionized Generation Y, almost isolating it from its previous generations. If a social question arises, Facebook and Skype are viable solutions to answer it quickly and efficiently. Craigslist and Ebay provide a way for buyers and sellers to congregate and utilize an active secondary market. For factual inquiries, Google supplies quality information at the click of a mouse. While the adaptable members of Generation X have grasped the importance of the internet as a problem-solving tool, others of that generation scoff at these new solutions as impractical or idealistic. Generation Y will undoubtedly continue to utilize the internet, as it has undeniably made collaboration more proficient. I believe that we should use Generation Y’s lust for technology to conquer the housing crisis.
A method to combine this technological revolution and the foreclosure crisis is to create an online database for those wishing to share housing. I recently discovered a family in Grand Rapids, Michigan who has decided to pursue this shared housing arrangement. In this instance, the homeowner bought an expensive home and planned to live in it for a few years, sell the house for profit, and build again. Due to the unexpected decline of home values, the homeowner’s plans were halted as he was unable to sell his family’s home at a price that would even cover the cost of their mortgage. Desperate not to lose their home, the family asked a mom in their community who was unhappy with her rent situation to move into the basement of their home. She would pay a small amount of rent, probably about the same as an average apartment, and receive the opportunity to greatly raise her standard of living. On the other hand, the family received extra money each month to help pay their rent and outlast the poor economic conditions.
Theproposed online database could function much like an online dating website in regards to its layout. However, the “Men looking for Women” and “Women looking for Men” categories would be replaced with “Homeowners looking for Renters” and “Renters looking for Homeowners.”The online profile for the homeowners could include information of their choice, including city of residence, children’s age and gender, square footage of available living space, and even religious affiliation. The potential tenants could...

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