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The Internet: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

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The Internet was the result of extreme thinking. The creation of the Internet was the vision of many. The metamorphose from the Arpanet to the Internet shows how the visions of others came together as one. The Arpanet was the first version of what we now call the Internet. It was created as a means for researchers and the military to share information. Since, the Arpanet there have been a lot of transitions before the final metamorphose of the Internet.The Arpanet was designed for the military and research scientist to have a way of communicating amongst them. This exchange of information was originally called packet switching. The concept of packet switching extended to satellite networks and ground based mobile radio networks creating earlier versions of the net called Satnet and Prnet.Eventually interest in the net was shown by industry. Industries in other segments of the community were showing a growing interest in a commercial packet network services. The Department of Defense recognized the growing interest from the public and felt severing ties with the Arpanet and creating Milnet would better serve the military and the public (Kahn, , PP. 1-7).The Arpanet continued to metamorphose eventually becoming what we refer to as the Internet. The government initially backed the Internet. In 1980 broader involvement by the private sector helped defray the some of the government by sponsorship via commercial enterprise. This was the beginning of paid Internet. This was also the start of the net for the masses. As the public interest in the Internet grew the commands and systems to access the Internet became less complicated. In 1991 the first user-friendly interface to the Internet was developed. In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee proposed a new protocol for information distribution. The protocol became the World Wide Web in 1991. Soon after the web was made accessible to the world....

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